Holiday Gift Guide 2010: Great Smells From Philosophy

If there's one brand that practically screams holiday and evokes all those warm memories of opening toys underneath the Christmas tree as a child, drinking hot chocolate and other nauseatingly happy things that you may have done it's definitely Philosophy. In fact, most of the faces on the packaging for their holiday gift sets are childhood photos taken of the employees at the company. (Yes, for those of you like me that always wondered if those children were actual real people, they are!) So, above is like one of the only childhood pics of me you'll ever see in life of myself and fellow dance star Elizabeth right before a dance recital. Pretty cute, right?!
A couple of weeks ago (alright, it was really like months ago..where does the time go?!) I attended their holiday beauty blogger event and it was like stepping into an oasis of the most wonderful smells. This brand prides themselves on the ability to actually bottle the best scents in America. I mean, just one whiff alone of their gingerbread man scent is all you'll ever really need to make you happy with life. Did I mention that these are bath and body products that I'm talking about?! Yes, you can actually scent your self in these smells. AM-AZE!
Alright, so now that you get more of a mental picture as to what I'm talking about, let me go ahead and outline my fave products from the holiday collection for you:

Philosophy under the mistletoe lip gloss set

Women of all ages would be a fool not to love this set of super delicious (and extra glossy!) lip shades. Not only do they taste delicious (sweet, but not like that ingratiatingly sweet that hurts your teeth..yuck..) but they also provide the perfect sheer shade of color to lips. Each works great worn alone or over your fave shade of lipstick. (I can't get enough of that peppermint bark shade!)
Price: $20

Philosophy gingerbread girl foaming bubble bath & shower gel
OMG. I can't even begin to tell you Glamazons how much I love this stuff! Like, I think I just may never leave and continue to wash my body/bathe in it year round! The name says it all (it really does smell like a ginger bread cookie) but unlike the ginger bread man scent in the collection, this one smells lighter and more girly. I know no other way to describe it than just that way...like if I could throw fragrance waves of this stuff your way through the computer screen I totally would hahaha.
Price: $16

Of course, there are tons more gift sets and scents from this line (other faves of mine include the snow angel shampoo, shower gel & bubble bath as well as the eternal grace fragrance layering collection) so you'll have to get to their site asap to see them all (click here). As you can see, most of these are priced $20 or less so they're the perfect gifts for employees and other distant relatives that you may not want to spend tons of money on but want to gift them with something nice.


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