Holiday Gift Guide 2010: 30 Gifts for The Well-Dressed Man in Your Life

Am I the only one that finds it hard to shop for men? Whatever they truly want, they've probably bought for themselves already. Well, there's a way around it and it doesn't involve stalking Kobe Bryant for free tickets to the Lakers game or stealing the iPad 2.0 from the Apple factory before it hits stores. Look for luxurious and unique pieces that you know he'd like but wouldn't buy himself.

From a dope safety-pin bowtie and Givenchy tuxedo jacket for the trendy dresser to a Diesel multi-zone watch for the sporty guy to a silver-plated cigar holder for your cigar aficionado father, we've found it all.

Shop our favorite picks below:

What gift are you planning to get for the man in your life? Tell us - we can keep a secret. My boo, who luckily doesn't read this blog since the writing is pink, has an iPod and that Gucci case to look forward to.



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