Holiday Gift Guide 2010: Estee Lauder Pure Color Extravagant Collection

Hey Glamazons! So, we've previously discussed how much my social calendar has managed to explode over the last couple of weeks (hence my need to consistently change up my makeup look with fun eyeshadow palettes and the like) but we have yet to touch on the topic of holiday beauty products. Or, maybe I should phrase those last words to say "holiday beauty products that you should be giving or getting." (Yes, I do like that verbiage much better!)
Because of the beauty blogging junkie that I am (cc: Amber Katz, the head honcho of beauty blogging junkies) I've somehow managed to amass all of these great products and press releases about fun holiday collections. And, of course, it is imperative that I share all of my faves with you as soon as possible so that you can go ahead and start purchasing. Let's start with the luxe Estee Lauder, shall we?

Never one to shy away from the most beautiful, opulent packaging out there, this season their holiday collection is all about "extravagant indulgence." In the words of my makeup loving mentor (and honorary Glamazon!) Mikki Taylor "How fabulous!"
Designed by my makeup BFF/Creative Makeup Director Tom Pecheux (Side Note: Yes, he beat my face once as evidenced above in that picture of us which gives me butterflies everytime I look at it!) each product in the line "wraps your features in alluring holiday elegance" as quoted from the press release which just so happens to be totally true!

This collection features:
-Pure Color Five Color Eyeshadow Palette in Extravagant Gold ($42)
-Pure Color Five Color Lip Palette in Extravagant ($42)
-Pure Color Long Lasting Lipstick in Extravagant Red and Extravagant Berry ($22 each)
-Pure Color Gloss in Extravagant Plum; Star Ruby; and Electric Ginger ($20 each)
-Pure Color Nail Lacquer in Extravagant Pearl and Extravagant Night ($18 each)

My personal faves?:

The Pure Color Lip Palette in Extravagant is a must-have for any cocktail clutch. The color is rich enough to be worn alone and there's a nice-sized mirror attached so you can see (and adjust) everything in one fell swoop.

The Pure Color Gloss in Star Ruby (it's the red shade on the right) has somehow turned into my everyday wear lip gloss for the month of December! I just love the sheer juiciness of the color and every time I whip it out on the train for re-application I always notice multiple curious stare from the girls seated around me. It's also the perfect shade to layer over the red lipstick you see above in Extravagant Red.

The Pure Color Nail Lacquer in Extravagant Night is the perfect shimmery/shiny shady of plum that contains loads of glitter but in a sexy, grown up kind of way. (Side note: I'm not really one for a bunch of glitter on my nails. Although I admire it on others, I just don't like it on mine for whatever reason.)

The Estee Lauder Pure Color Extravagant Collection is available for purchase now for a limited time at an E. Lauder beauty counter near you or www.esteelauder.com.

Anyone tried any products from this line yet? Or, after reading this, are you now dying to?!


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