#Best of 2010: 10 Most Memorable Beauty Moments

And just like that Glamazons, we're already on to a New Year! (2011..woo hoo!) I still can't even believe that 2010 is almost over! Can you?! I remember when it started and I swore up and down to myself that I was going to change up my hair color (yeah, it's still blonde, but I love it so!) and do more sophisticated things such as wear a new lipstick shade every day. And, in true New Year's resolution forms, I did either none of or some of the above for a couple of weeks before my attentions focused onto something else more important like figuring out to destroy Crow's Feet or elongating my lashes.
While there was no shortage of ideas running through my head, there were also several moments in which celebrities (and psuedocelebrities) must have been doing the same thing! ("Same thing" meaning that that they did some rather defining things this year in the world of beauty as well.) Let's have a look at them, shall we? Side note: I'm counting down backwards because it's so much more fun than going forwards, right? hahaha

#10. The smokey eye made a big comeback! OK, it never really went away, but we saw several various forms of it, some beautiful and others half psychotic looking.

Here's an example of what I mean by half psychotic crazy looking (ahem Taylor Momsen)

And here's a beautiful, breath-taking example worn by the queen of smokey eye herself, Kim Kardashian.

#9. Bubble gum pink isn't just for your nails anymore.

No matter what the skin tone (or age!) celebs were seen all over the red carpet rocking this super cute shade. I personally hate the color pink, but I couldn't help but to get swept up into the trend myself.

And then Nicki Minaj launched her very own shade with MAC Cosmetics (Pink Friday anyone?) and it quickly became one of my fave shades of lipsticks. So fun!

#8. Rihanna stunned us all by dying her hair color this flaming shade of red...and then commenced to go bananas with hairstyles by changing it from semi-shaved short to straight up short to long to dark brown (huh?) and back to short and red again.

We can't forget about this classic photo below RiRi tweeted of herself after burning her forehead with a curling iron. I can't tell you the number of times that I've done the same smh....

#7. The fashion world was shocked to see that GASP Naomi Campbell really is bald!

OH and Britney Spears still is, too. Weave can't always work wonders, ya know...

#6. While most of still aren't sure why Ke$ha thinks it's ok to strut around wearing blue makeup she apparently doesn't really care what others think. (I know this for a fact because she said so herself at a concert I attended of hers once.) From blue eye makeup to blue lips, this quickly became her signature shade (although I don't think it ever really caught on with the rest of the world, but that's ok, I guess).

#5. It seems as if 2010 was the official year to launch a celebrity fragrance which kind of either really got you excited or made you think this must be the latest ploy in celeb land to get people to pay attention to you.

Jennifer Aniston named hers Lolavie and during interviews wouldn't even reveal the true meaning of the name! If this was an attempt of hers to be secretive and confuse the population into thinking that she actually had depth, then it failed miserably. Two seconds later, she re-named it with her name (shocking!) and the rest goes into "Whatever happened to that fragrance?" history.

Eva Longoria somehow even came up with her own signature scent (although she's really "allergic" to most perfumes) promising that all women everywhere could wear hers (regardless of allergies). Serious side eye.

No matter what the gimmick, no one could beat out the sales or generate as much buzz as Beyonce did with her first fragrance, Heat. (She's got a second one called Heat Rush slated to make its debut by February 2011.)

Also, we can't forget about Mary J. Blige (who hooked up with Carol's Daughter) to launch her scent, My Life, which went on to sell the most bottles of fragrance in history on live television when she hit the HSN airwaves. (It made my 2010 to be there to witness all of this greatness!)

And yeah, Katy Perry launched a pretty delicious smelling one called Purr, but I'm looking forward to smelling what Lady Gaga is cooking up in the kitchen with Coty. (Although we may be waiting a while on it because rumor has it that it won't hit shelves until Spring 2012..sigh.)

#4. High tower hair! Some of it looked really good. Exhibit A: this picture of Janet Jackson from the Met Gala...

And some of it looked...well, um....kind of interesting (ahem Jennifer Lopez and Alicia Keys)

#3. Actress Emma Watson officially wrapped up filming the Harry Potter flicks and then cut off all of her hair! It could have very easily turned into a crazy moment (a-la that time Britney Spears shaved her head..yikes!) but instead turned out looking very GLAM indeed!

#2. I know, I know, I already mentioned her above (ahem, Kim Kardashian) but you can't talk about big beauty moments and not mention the Kardashian Clan. In one year alone, they managed to single-handedly dominate the beauty scene (Kim even presented at the CEW Beauty Awards!) and I used every single product. From the Kim Kardashian fragrance...

to the self-tanner....

yes, Glamazons, I did it all and can't wait to see what the Kardashian clan comes up with next! Rumor has it that they're working a complete "beauty line" but don't know whether that includes just cosmetics, skincare, hair or all of the above. (And no, I'm not a STAN...I just happen to really like their products, ok?!) I'm super interested in finding out exactly how much $$ these gals managed to rack in with all these beauty deals..hmmm.....

#1. Lady Gaga showed up at the 2010 MTV VMA's rocking a piece of red raw meat on her head that perfectly matched her red lipstick! While she definitely wins for the most interesting beauty looks of the year, this one takes the cake. I remember seeing it on TV and my jaw actually dropping hahaha.

Now that you know my most memorable beauty moments of the year, it's only fair for you to share yours below in the comments section!


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