Magazine Glam: T.I. Covers JET and Marries Tiny in a Three-City Tour

It's official. Rapper T.I. wed his longtime girlfriend, Tiny, at a courthouse in Miami Beach yesterday. But that's not all. They're taking their show on the road via UsWeekly.com.

Their next stop is a wedding in front of friends and family on a private island off the coast of Miami.  Then, they'll host a reception in Atlanta and party with friends in Las Vegas.

That sounds worth the wait to me. This is totally the year of the long-term fiancee (shout out to LaLa).

T.I. also covers JET this month in a crisp white suit and an angry stare. Judging from the cover line, he addresses the many media rumors and lies that seem to plague him. Hmm. I'm way more excited to see wedding photos. Apparently, Tiny's wearing Valentino (work!).

AND I think they are soo cute together! Congrats to the new couple.




Buy Mary J. Blige's My Life Fragrance on HSN and Help Send Young Women to College

As we reported in AprilMary J. Blige is preparing to launch her My Life fragrance THIS Saturday on HSN and HSN.com (following the launch, the scent will be available at Carol's Daughter).

But here's the latest: The R&B diva will donate $1 of the proceeds from each sale to help put young women through college this Fall.

In collaboration with her women's empowerment organization, FFAWN, Mary J. Blige is using her star power to help support and strengthen our youth. ::Applause::

Make sure you tune into HSN tomorrow to hear Mary's story and give back through the purchase of her new fragrance, which retails for $46. Though you can't smell it through the TV screen, Ferocia and I promise you it smells sultry and alluring. You will not be disappointed!



Photos: ThatGrapeJuice.com.

AD GLAM: Glamazon Letoya Luckett is the New Face of Luster's Smooth Touch

Glamazon favorite, Letoya Luckett, has something new to celebrate. The R&B singer was just named the spokesperson for Luster's Smooth Touch product line and celebrated Wednesday night in the city with a chic soiree via Jonesmag.com.

Check out the box below - don't you love it? (She's obviously my fave DC member ;).

Wearing Nicole Miller and Christian Louboutin, the beautiful singer partied it up all night while guests, including Keyshia Knight-Pulliam danced to the hottest tunes out spun by DJ Beverly Bond and walked away with product giveaways and stocked swag bags.

Scroll down for pics and Luckett's fab impromptu shoot at the ESSENCE office earlier this week, and click here to read about Letoya's fave products and news on her upcoming album:

Work those red shoes, girl! What do you think of Letoya Luckett's new endorsement deal? Was she the right pick for the brand? 



Photos: YBF, ESSENCE.com.

AD GLAM: Nike is the Latest Company to Push the Big Butt "Trend"

Who knew all along, when I was eating soul food and hitting the Stairmaster, that I was making a political statement by embracing my butt?

Well, according to Nike, a butt is a bold message to society, rather than a part of the female body that has been celebrated, if marginally, for years.

Their big butt campaign displays a woman of mixed ethnicity proudly showing off the extra fat around her butt next to a speech about the power of the derriere.

Take a look below:

Wow. I have to say, I always find it a little odd when 'body parts' or 'plus-size figures' become en vogue. When addressing a woman's body, I feel that a commitment to accepting all shapes (big butts and flat butts) is ideal. Maybe that's naive, wishful thinking on my part. But when the Jennifer Lopez-es, Beyonce's, Serena's and Kim Kardashian's are no longer popular, should we all go back to feeling too curvy again? There's danger in that.

I, for one, will love my butt even when Nike's moved on to a new body part. I did laugh at the comment about the space heater though, LOL. 

What do you think of the ad? And the new big butt trend?



GLAM OR SHAM?: Mya Matches Her Blonde Hair with Blue Contacts

At Young Jeezy's All White party, R&B singer, Mya, debuted a new beauty look to match her blonde hair: blue contacts.

Her newly-blonde hair was pulled back in a ponytail this time, making her pretend-blue eyes pop even more.

Her bold new look has tongues wagging, with critics wondering what's behind the eye color/hair color change (some are claiming she wants to look 'whiter'). I don't necessarily see a sociopolitical statement in Mya's hair.

That doesn't mean I like it. I prefer her brown-eyed, brown-haired look, but find her beautiful either way.

And if her goal is to get attention and turn heads, then she's accomplishing what she set out to do.

What do you guys think of her look?



Photos: EliteDCMag.com.

Willow Smith to Design a Fashion Line, Says Rihanna is Her Fashion Icon

Remember when we discussed Willow Smith's funky style? Most of you believed she was picking out her own crazy outfits and Mom, Jada Pinkett, was letting her walk out the house in them. Well, we were wrong.

It turns out the budding fashionista has the same stylist as Rihanna, which isn't completely far-fetched considering Rih's head-turning looks. That stylist, the amazing Mariel Haenn, told HollywoodLife.com the backstory behind Willow's daring style. She said that Willow admires Rih's look, weighs in on her outfits (which she prefers to be more rockstar than princess) and is starting her own fashion line! Gasp.

Will more teens walk around looking like this? Only time will tell...

Check out the clip below and read more here:

On Rihanna:

“Willow is definitely inspired by Rihanna’s style,” Mariel Haenn tells HollywoodLife.com. “We make an effort to give Willow her own style, so as not to be a mini-version of Rihanna, but Willow really knows what she likes and what she doesn’t like, and she’s vocal about it.”

Mom, Jada Pinkett's input:

“Jada said upfront that she didn’t want us to dress them like standard kids, like with Sesame Street T-shirts,” Mariel says with a laugh. “And the kids really like dressing as adults and hope that adults will want to dress like them. But Jada will put her foot down if there’s something she doesn’t like, though if the kids really love it, she’ll usually let it pass.”

On Future Clothing Line: 

"With Rihanna, pretty soon after she came on the scene, you started seeing designers from Forever 21 to Gucci coming out with styles mimicking her look. We hope the same thing happens here, but I think the ultimate goal is for Willow and Jaden to have their own line." 

Would you wear Willow Smith's designs? And what do you think of the painted ear look she recently rocked?




Try This!: MAC's New Dual-Ended Mascara, Haute and Naughty Lash

Yes, Glamazons, we know all about the controversy swirling around MAC cosmetics right now with the whole Rodarte makeup collection. While I'm glad to hear that the brand has decided to turn it around and rename products in the line, I was more excited about this new mascara they recently launched! (Sounds vain, I know, but I am a beauty product whore, so I just couldn't help myself in being enamored with what's laying in front of me instead of a collection that I haven't even touched yet!)
I also have to say that while I usually love everything that MAC comes out with, their mascaras usually suck. The formula is either too goopy for my liking or the brush just does nothing to accent my lashes. However, the Haute & Naughty Lash is a winner!
The mascara features two different sized wands in one container. The skinny wand located at the top is hot pink and is perfect to achieve a more natural, less glam look. The fat wand has a sparkly purple cap and gives you va-va-voom lush lashes. Because I have long, lifeless lashes that stick out and do nothing, I start with an eyelash curler. Then, I use the fat wand to add definition and volume. I end the process by brushing along the tips of my lashes with the skinny brush to add a bit of separation.
MAC Haute & Naughty Lash ($18) is available now on maccosmetics.com and nordstrom.com. However, it won't hit your nearest MAC counter until September 16.


Thierry Mugler Introduces New Fragrance: Womanity

Finally Glamazons! A fragrance created with real women such as myself, Coutura and you in mind.
I will admit that I've been slightly swamped as of late (already slightly is an understatement; I'm swamped) and I didn't even get a chance to attend the actual launch event the brand invited me to last month. However, I was sure to request a bottle so I could check it out and then it stayed right there in the box on my dresser until yesterday. It was pretty late and I'd just finished brainstorming some more beauty post ideas for Glamour.com, when I decided that a good spritz of fragrance would provide the pick-me-up I needed.
My eyes went to SJPNYC (Sarah Jessica Parker's newest fragrance) because it makes me feel all Sex And The Cityish (yes, sometimes I pretend that I'm Carrie Bradshaw..don't judge me) but then I opened up the pink box of Womanity instead.
And wowza! This stuff is amazing, Glamazons. First off, let's talk about the packaging. There may be light pink liquid inside, but it looks very strong; almost like an Amazonian-totem-pole-statuette-thingie wouldn't you say?
Thierry Mugler said that he designed the bottle to look this way because "it is designed for a woman who leaves her mark; like a woman who would have her statue made." However, he said that he created it with practicality in mind. "This is very important for me and for women in terms of their everyday lives," he said.
Now, let's get into the actual fragrance. The cool part about this stuff is that it contains the strangest ingredients. It opens with a note of fig, then there are notes of caviar and somehow it manages to get all woodsy with some fig wood and leaf. See? Doesn't sound too enticing, right? But that Mugler is some kind of fragrance genius in that he got the combination just right so it smells sweet, spicy and dries down to some serious sexy.
Now it's your turn to try it! Womanity will be available for purchase at Bloomingdale's next week (August 2010) and Nordstrom as well as http://us.boutique.thierrymugler.com by October 2010.
Prices range from $98 (for 2.7 oz) to $58 (for 1.0 fl oz). There's also a shower gel ($40); body milk ($45); body cream ($55); and 1.7 oz refill bottle ($58).
Let us know what you think of it once you nab your own bottle!



ESSENCE Editor-in-Chief Speaks on White Fashion Director Controversy

As we reported on Monday, ESSENCE Magazine has been under fire as of late for hiring a white Fashion Director, Ellianna Placas. Powerful media figures like Michaela Angela Davis, former Fashion Editor at ESSENCE Magazine, and Nawja Moses, media personality, have both spoken out about the issue. The one voice we hadn't heard from? ESSENCE Editor-in-Chief Angela Burt-Murray.

After reaching out to the ESSENCE PR department and not receiving a response, we stumbled across a quote Burt-Murray shared with Media Ink:

"I understand that this issue has struck an emotional chord with our audience. However, I selected [Placas], who has been contributing to the magazine on a freelance basis for the last six months, because of her creativity, vision, the positive reader response to her work and her enthusiasm and respect for the audience and our brand. We remain committed to celebrating the unique beauty and style of African-American women in ESSENCE Magazine and online at ESSENCE.com."

I applaud Angela Burt-Murray for standing by and defending her decision. What do you think of her statement?

Also, last night Bryan Boy from the popular blog of the same name, tweeted:

How racist is this Michaela Angela Davis woman? http://bit.ly/9M3PGG So what if a white woman is capable of handling a black magazine?

It seems several people are crying reverse racism in response to the uproar about ESSENCE's white director. I feel they are missing the point. No one is saying Placas is not capable.

The overarching concern of women who have voiced disapproval is that the fashion industry, as a whole, is still very one-sided with white people occupying the majority of the top positions at major magazines. 

If the industry was more diverse as a whole, then a white Fashion Director at an African-American magazine would feel different I believe. But the reality is there aren't nearly as many opportunities as there should be for fashion editors of color in this business. And the hiring of Ellianna Placas means there is one less opportunity for African-Americans in the fashion industry, at a magazine that, as Burt-Murray said, "celebrates...African-American women."

One of our readers captured the sentiment best:

"What sticks out vividly in my head is come fashion week the chair that says "Essence Mag Fashion Director" will have a white woman sitting there amongst her peers whom are all white. Not a black face in site. Its truly disheartening."

Do you agree with Bryan Boy that the backlash surrounding Ellianna Placas is "racist?" Discuss.

And see some of Placas' work on Ciara below via Necole Bitchie:



GLAM OR SHAM?: Angelina Jolie Wears Another Color than Black...Finally

Drumroll, please. For the occasion of the Russia premiere of Salt, Angelina Jolie wore a dress with color. Specifically, lipstick red. The result? Pure glamazingness.

Jolie looked exquisite in a draped red halter Versace dress which she accented with fire-engine red lips and flowing locks.

I adore her screen siren moment, because if I saw another picture of her in a strapless black dress, I was going to fall asleep at the computer.

The stylist who convinced the mother of five (or six? I've lost count) to wear another color deserves a raise, bonus, paid vacation and a promotion.

What do you think of Jolie's look?




The New Dark and Handsome Face of Calvin Klein: David Agbodji or Coutura's in Love

Boy, does Calvin Klein know how to pick them.

We've drooled over Djimon Hounsou and marveled over Mechad Brooks. (Because I love you, I included all their ads below).

But the latest star of the Calvin Klein ads is my personal favorite. Meet David Agbodji.

The 23 year-old Parisian-born model of African descent was handpicked for the new Calvin Klein campaign. According to NYMag.com, he loves photography, karate and basketball. Oh, isn't that a coincidence? I love them all now too.

Apparently, he's known for his full lips (gasp! so am I...) and is a Taurus (stop it! so am I...).

Check out swoon-worthy pics of him getting dressed below. Yum, yum, yum. Whatever Calvin Klein is selling, I'm buying.

Oh and as promised, a trip down man candy memory lane when you scroll down.

::Goes to fan herself::

David Agbodji

Djimon Hounsou

Mehcad Brooks




Saks Fifth Avenue Will Carry Plus-Size Chanel, YSL, Valentino...No, Seriously...

The high-end designer brands that could previously only fit mannequins, and other petite specimens, will now be available in larger sizes at Saks Fifth Avenue, according to Racked.com.

Expect to see designs by Chanel, YSL, Dolce & Gabbbana, Akris, Carolina Herrera, Escada, St. John, Donna Karan, Oscar de la Renta, Max Mara, YSL, Fendi, Roberto Cavalli, Alexander McQueen, Michael Kors and Valentino in...wait for it...wait for it...a size 10! and maybe some 14's! a few 16's!

Even some select designers will stock pieces in sizes up to 20!

Sounds too good to be true? Well, the downside is the quantity, or lack of, as they'll only stock one of each size for certain pieces.

Still, it is a baby step in the right direction.

Will you shop the new plus-size section of Saks?





Nine West Inks Fragrance Deal

In the latest news of clothing-retailers-selling-things-other-than-clothes is that Nine West will soon sell their own set of fragrances. (So, I guess that means that this is more like shoe-retailers-selling-things-other-than-shoes, right?!)
No news yet on what the fragrances will smell like (hopefully nothing like shoes or anything boring like that), but they're set to launch next fall in select department stores, specialty retailers and (of course) Nine West stores.
Hmmm....I'm wondering what would posses the retailer to sale fragrance? Why not something like foot lotion? But, I guess if Payless ShoeSource can sell cosmetics, then there's no real rules left as to what any store can sell nowadays.


GLAM OR SHAM?: Man Capris (Starring Chris Brown)

We've seen mandals, murses, even manties (recently on Diddy) but have capris ventured into testosterone territory as well? I'm afraid, the answer is yes.

Chris Brown was spotted showing off his ankles and calves onstage with Usher at Reggae Sumfest in Jamaica over the weekend.

Is this a fashion don't?

Some women don't even look right in capris. They cut off legs instead of elongating them (the trick to alleviating this problem? heels). That said, capris certainly can't be figure-flattering to men in flats.

Are you against man capris? Do they look flattering on Chris? Would you wear them (or be seen outside with a man that's wearing them)?





Is The Rage At ESSENCE Hiring A White Fashion Director Validated?

Alright, Glamazons: by now we're sure that you've read all about the news of ESSENCE magazine hiring Ellianna Placas as the new fashion director. What's the big deal?
Well, Placas just happens to be a white woman and ESSENCE just happens to be a publication for black women by black women.
Can you see how this could be a bit of a controversy now?
As two former of employees of the mag, you'd be correct in thinking that Coutura and I were immediately saddened upon hearing the news. (Heck, Coutura even worked in the fashion department!) Since Agnes Cammock left the post several years ago, the mag has had some difficulty in finding a new hire. However, Coutura and I know for a fact that some of the top people in black fashion voiced that they'd never take that position due to its many restraints.
Finally one was found: Billie Causieestko, but she lasted for less than a year before being let go. The position has been open for quite some time and an interim person was placed in by Time, Inc until a replacement could be found.
Enter Placas, who apparently has several years' magazine experience at pubs such as O Magazine and US Weekly.
According to a post on The Fashion Bomb, Michaela Davis (a former fashion director at ESSENCE) expressed feelings of hurt and disappointment at the hiring of Placas.
ESSENCE's former Beauty and Cover Director Mikki Taylor told The Glamazons that she'd heard of the news about Placas' hire while in Los Angeles but had no comments to make about the matter.
What do I think? I think that it's a known fact that the fashion department at ESSENCE has been in shambles for a long time now. If Placas can come in and use her contacts in the fashion world to bring in more money for the mag, then that's a good thing, right?
However, when you think about the historical aspect (as Davis points out) that should be upheld by ESSENCE by hiring only black women, then it is a rather sad thing. This could never be possible anyhow considering that it's owned by Time, Inc which (by law) is an equal opportunity employer.

What do you think about this, Glamazons? Will you continue to read ESSENCE knowing that there's a white fashion director?



Trend Alert: Celebs like Gabrielle Union and Nia Long Go Tribal for Summer

Celebrities like Gabrielle Union, Nia Long and Taraji Henson are joining the Fashion Tribe this summer in nomadic looks that are attention-grabbing and undeniably chic.

Exotic prints add a touch of worldliness to your everyday ensemble, while giving off a sophisticated, eclectic vibe.

Whether in African geometric patterns or Ikat prints, tribal styles are always the standout piece in your outfit. If you're wearing a tribal dress, pair it with subtle accessories like gold jewelry and plain black pumps. For a solid-colored dress, add a striking pair of ikat-printed earrings to set the outfit off.

Swimwear and accessories are a great way to indulge in the trend if you don't want to go full-force. Mara Hoffman sent some gorgeous styles down the runway during Miami Fashion Week.

Check out some of the hottest tribal pieces below:


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