Live from ESSENCE Music Festival: Ford Sirius Booth with T.I. and Trey Songz, Video Interview with Idris Elba and Boris Kodjoe!!

Believe it or not, Glamazons, Janet Jackson's performance was only the beginning of the fun.

The next day, Ferocia and I headed to the Convention Center for an eventful day at the Ford Sirius booth. We rocked our NEW Glamazon tees, which read "You're looking at a GLAMAZON. No pictures, please." They are our very first design, and were a huge hit at the center! What do you think of them?

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First, we got to test-drive the Ford Fusion Hybrid, which is our new favorite car. The hybrid lets you upload music from CD's and Ipods to your car's hard drive so you can say Good-bye to lugging your CD case every time you get in and out of the car.

It has a state-of-the-art advanced navigation system that not only directs you to your destination but reverses the directions for you when it's time to return home (umm, how amazing is that!).

Better yet, it's fuel-efficient operating on 41 miles per gallon. Pretty cool, right? According to Ferocia, who got behind the wheel, it drives like a dream.

After our joy ride, we headed to the Ford Sirius booth where T.I. came through to promote his new film, The Takers, followed by a surprise appearance by Trey Songz. And let's just say the girls---and bodyguards protecting the stars from the girls (you'll see Trey's below)---went crazy!

Both Idris Elba and Trey Songz tried to leave the convention center and were followed by rabid, crazed, screaming fans! Women (including one with a baby on her hip) chased Trey's car down the street screaming and banging on the window. Yeah, never that serious!

In the midst of all that craziness, the stars of the new film, The Takers, Idris Elba and Boris Kodjoe took a moment to chat with us and our good friends from Rolling Out. Boris gave us the scoop on his upcoming fashion line, and Idris let us in on his favorite songs to play when he DJ's. Check it out!




Frances Williams said...

From the bottom of my heart... thanks for gettig such an up close & personal shot of Idris Elba in the vid... you have no idea how that made me smile... : )

Ondo Lady said...

Oh wow!! Wow, wow, wow!! Thanks for posting this. I enjoyed every bit of it. Talk about eye candy!! Was that you guys interviewing?

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