GLAM OR SHAM?: Rihanna's Ruffled Polka-Dot Jumpsuit

In a D&G Pre-Fall 2010 polka dot ruffled jumpsuit, Rihanna made sure all attention was on her at the afterparty for her "Last Girl on Earth" show last night.

She is the latest star to rock polka dots (Amber Rose gave us a spotty, swinged skirt moment last week), and the look is certainly bold, youthful and fun.

As usual, her vibrant red hair sets off the outfit and she accentuated her long legs with a pair of black pumps. Green eyeshadow brought a pop of color to the look (as if it needed any).

What do we think of her outfit? Sure polka dots are charming and playful, but does she look like a fashion icon or a clown?

Glam or a Sham?

If you're a fan of polka dots (like me...in moderation lol), shop some cute looks here:




Philly B said...

Has to be a GLAM. I am a huge fan of polka dots, but then again, I would take it to the extreme. Clown chic anyone?!? lol

yummy411 said...

i adore her pippy longstocking look with a bit of chic. only rihanna can do it.. i don't want to see any other clowns mocking a 5 year old!

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