GLAM OR SHAM?: Lindsay Lohan's Middle Finger Nail That Reads "F*ck U"

Poor LiLo! That girl just can't catch a break.
Ok, that was extremely fake in that I don't feel an ounce of remorse for her. And (even if I did) I certainly don't now after seeing this pic snapped of her fingernail that clearly reads "F*ck U."
What a mess! I'm voting total SHAM on this one, Glamazons! What do you think? I mean, I know the judge probably couldn't see it from so far away, but really, Lindsay? I'm all for freedom of expression, but that's just tacky. Do you think that she deserves her 90 day jail sentence that she received?



Frances Williams said...

LL deserves to be punshied by the law just like "legal US citizens" should be. (not implying anything diff for ppl of others countries) You know the law, abide by it. If not, "justified punishments" are subject to take place. It's that simple.

sojazzy1 said...

Of course she deserves to be punished but the question is will she and we all know the answer to that? I woulda never caught that subliminal FU message that she sent but that clearly shows how above the law she feels

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