Would You Wear...Clear Stripper Platform Heels like Beyonce and Taylor Momsen?

When I first wore my black peeptoe lucite platform sandals from Bebe to the club, I anticipated getting several side-eyes (like the sideeye Prince gave Trey Songz at the BET Awards...not pretty!). To my surprise, the stripper-inspired shoes were a hit. Don't stop reading yet, let me explain.

If you pair lucite platforms with a spandex Herve Leger dress, you are, indeed, wearing a stripper's uniform and sideeyes are both warranted and necessary. But worn with a casual jumpsuit, or demure cut dress, the shoes can be fresh and fun.

For instance, when Beyonce wore her stripper platforms, aka Fendi Cinderella heels, recently in London with a black jumpsuit, and then again with a white shirt and jeans, I didn't see visions of poles, spandex and whisky swirling through my head.

But when Shauna Shands wears the shoes with a hot pink tight leopard dress OR Taylor Momsen wears them with the word TIPS and dollar bills in the platform, it is Magic City, Sue's Rendezvous or Hustler's all the way. Do we see a difference?

What's your verdict? Do stripper platform heels work with the right look, or are they always a sizzling, burning, explosive mess? GLAM or a SHAM?

P.S. If you're a lucite platform supporter, check out some cute finds below:



Photos: Stylelist.com.

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