Call The Glambulance: Britney Spears Steps Out With A Huge Patch Of Her Weave Missing

Oh Britney. Sigh. You've done it again.
Just when we think that maybe Britney Spears is really ok and that she's finally in a better (more sane!) spot in life, pictures like these crop up. Apparently, the pop singer was at a Crate and Barrel store in Sherman Oaks, California yesterday when this picture was taken.
I mean, I kind of get it in that I've been in the process of getting extensions done in college and took a break to go get food. However, I'd always put on a scarf or hat so no one would know that I had only half a head full of weave. Apparently, Britney thinks it's OK to walk around with patches of her weave missing. And, the biggest mystery here is why has her real hair not grown anymore than that?! (I'm assuming that those scraggly little darker pieces are her real hair.) She shaved her head in 2008 so she should have a head full of hair by now and not even need to wear the weave. Maybe she's really just as bald as Naomi Campbell? Gasp!
Whatever the case may be, I think the girl still needs help. And no, I will not just "leave Britney alone" because if you're a high profile celebrity (such as she) then this is not ok.
Ah, well, I guess the silver lining on this hot mess of a cloud is that at least she's not locked up in jail like Lindsay Lohan.....

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