Magazine Glam: Serena Williams Poses for Harper's Bazaar, Says Common Didn't Want the Responsibility of a Relationship

Win Wimbledon, have a photo shoot at high-fashion magazine, reveal all the details of a high-profile break-up? Just another day in the life of tennis great, Serena Williams. 

The fashion designer appears in the new Bazaar, talking about her new, tight bod (wasn't she always fit, or is it just me?) that she apparently got from Pilates. Umm, Pilates never gave me those curves.

Serena flaunts her stuff in a sizzling hot white one-piece suit and nude cinched dress. Love it!

She's also surprisingly candid about the demise of her relationship with Common, citing that he's busy and not "ready for the responsibility of a relationship." Yeah, most guys aren't, Serena, especially when they're hot, famous and bald (bald in the sexy way).

She dished that he still was full of compliments when asked about her on the red carpet to promote his film Just Wright. Bet you Serena's Wimbledon trophy and a Pilates tape that they get back together. (By the way, I'm totally secretly hoping a reunion happens. They're the perfect couple in my head).

What do you think of Serena's shots for Harper's? Check out more here and look out for the new issue.



Photos: Harper's Bazaar.

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