GLAM OR SHAM?: Man Capris (Starring Chris Brown)

We've seen mandals, murses, even manties (recently on Diddy) but have capris ventured into testosterone territory as well? I'm afraid, the answer is yes.

Chris Brown was spotted showing off his ankles and calves onstage with Usher at Reggae Sumfest in Jamaica over the weekend.

Is this a fashion don't?

Some women don't even look right in capris. They cut off legs instead of elongating them (the trick to alleviating this problem? heels). That said, capris certainly can't be figure-flattering to men in flats.

Are you against man capris? Do they look flattering on Chris? Would you wear them (or be seen outside with a man that's wearing them)?





Ferocia said...

The real question is what is all that gross crotch/ass sweat situation going on with Usher! He looks like he peed his pants! Ugh. Gross.....

Anonymous said...

Not a good look...on Chris or Usher

LadyC said...

The look is a no but I was just in Jamaica earlier this month and that is the look that the people are wearing... I'm guessing he wanted to fit in :kanye shrug:

Prettylady said...

Both looks are a No,No. One of the perks of being a entertainer is they get to set trends, not pick up the bad ones.

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