Jennifer Aniston Renames (And Launches) New Fragrance

So, this is kind of like the equivalency of having a child, naming it, announcing it's birth, and then (after much thought) deciding that maybe it should have a different name. Which means that you would then have to send out a new set of announcements saying that what you thought was the name wasn't really!
Ok, so I'm not pregnant or having a child (wait, neither is Jennifer Aniston!) but I am talking about her choice to change the name of her fragrance at the last millisecond. It's like the equivalency of the above (you know, the whole having a child scenario that I described).
The 41-year-old actress launched not Lolavie (the fragrance's previous name) but Jennifer Aniston the fragrance.
At least Lolavie was an interesting name, but I guess that the marketing geniuses behind the fragrance decided against it at the last second. This might have been ok if they hadn't already released the news and had it splashed all over the cover of WWD. Ugh.

But, onto the fragrance news: the actress recently launched her signature scent at overseas at Harrods in London wearing a strapless, nude colored mini Valentino dress and sporting some rather sleek tresses. As previously reported here on The Glamazons, us Americans will have to wait until later this year to get our hands on a bottle.
Oh, and did I mention that new shots from advertising are out for it as well? Unsurprisingly, she's topless at the beach in one of her fave spots: Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. I do have to admit that her body is banging, right?!

What do you think of the new name of Jennifer Aniston's fragrance? Don't you think the name LolaVie was much more interesting? Do you think maybe she's hiding something? (I do!) Hmmmmm.....


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