Betsey Johnson Announces Plans To Launch A Second Fragrance...and Makeup!

Let me start this post off by telling you that I love, love, me some Betsey Johnson! From the clothes she designs to the consistent energy she conveys, I think she's such a fab inspiration.
While I was toiling away at WWD as a beauty writing intern (i.e. still one of the best jobs I've ever had!) about four years ago, I was asked to interview her at the launch of her first signature fragrance. (That's us pictured above..please don't judge my physical appearance..I was a hot mess back then hahaha)
She was super gracious, kind and funny and (even though she wears crazy colored outfits and her hair in pigtails sometimes) very level-headed. So, how excited was I to see that the fashion designer has signed a seven-year contract with Inter Parfums, Inc. to create fragrances, personal care products and color cosmetics?! (Beyond excited since I'm obvs a fan...duh.)
Although sales for this fragrance tanked, she's ready to get back into the saddle by launching a new one next month.
"I think that after some kind of clothing existence, a designer needs a fragrance," she told WWD. "It's just like you have dessert after dinner."
The unnamed fragrance will be a modern interpretation of the first fragrance she created in 1982. No other details about the fragrance have been released, other than her stating that "it aint gonna be au naturel, sweet, foodlike-like chocolate-[or] patchouli."
Also unknown to many, Johnson created a small color cosmetics collection back in the eighties which included red and hot pink lip and nail polish.
"I grew up in heavy stage makeup because I studied dancing with a brilliant Broadway showgirl," she told WWD. "So I love makeup. For a designer, makeup is part of everything your customer wears, ideally, from head to toe."
Much like her recent Fall 2010 show, I'm sure that her upcoming fragrance and cosmetics collection will be fun and full of color.


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