AD GLAM: Nike is the Latest Company to Push the Big Butt "Trend"

Who knew all along, when I was eating soul food and hitting the Stairmaster, that I was making a political statement by embracing my butt?

Well, according to Nike, a butt is a bold message to society, rather than a part of the female body that has been celebrated, if marginally, for years.

Their big butt campaign displays a woman of mixed ethnicity proudly showing off the extra fat around her butt next to a speech about the power of the derriere.

Take a look below:

Wow. I have to say, I always find it a little odd when 'body parts' or 'plus-size figures' become en vogue. When addressing a woman's body, I feel that a commitment to accepting all shapes (big butts and flat butts) is ideal. Maybe that's naive, wishful thinking on my part. But when the Jennifer Lopez-es, Beyonce's, Serena's and Kim Kardashian's are no longer popular, should we all go back to feeling too curvy again? There's danger in that.

I, for one, will love my butt even when Nike's moved on to a new body part. I did laugh at the comment about the space heater though, LOL. 

What do you think of the ad? And the new big butt trend?




Beauty Is Diverse said...

I recall Nike did ads like this already back in 2007 or 2008 .


Along with thighs, knees, shoulders.

Fernanda said...

I am skinny and have a big butt, but I think that this kind of "trend" is ridiculous. You can't make a trend out of a body part. Every one has a different body type and you can't change it again and again as you would do with clothing. You can get implants, but that still wouldn't change your body type. You'd just have plastic under your skin. Making an add like Nike has is absurd.

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