Kelly Rowland's Perfect Body in Her Album Promo Pics

For all intents and purposes, Kelly Rowland will henceforth be referred to as Black Barbie. That is the only way to aptly capture her perfect body.

Milelong legs, a true flat stomach and gorgeous skin, Kelly Rowland stuns in her promo pics for her album, which has now been pushed back to late October for release. (She says she's still recording.)

How did they manage to hide/downplay all this beauty during her Destiny's Child years?

While I'm not crazy about the look in the leather jacket photo, I have to say it inspired me to get up early and do ab work before going to the office today.

What do you think of Kelly's pics? Are you excited for the album?




Deshair Foskey said...

Kelly has always been my favorite DC member... short hair or long, she oozes sexy. It's as if she and Gabrielle Union were cut from the same glorious cloth of beauty. Loving this new look... infatuated for sure.

SA said...

She does have a nice body, but that photo HAS to have been photoshopped! There's no way!

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