Beyonce's Heat Fragrance Ad: Too Steamy For The U.K.?

Um, who even knew that anything involved with Beyonce would ever be banned anywhere in the world?! OK, maybe that's a bit dramatic to say that it's "banned" (because you can watch it...just not during the daytime hours).
What in the heck am I talking about?! Why, Beyonce's fragrance ad for her first scent Heat. (Click here to watch it.)
The Advertising Standards Authority, an independent body in the U.K. that aims to maintain standards in advertising, ruled that this steamy ad can only be viewed after 7:30 p.m. An ASA spokeswoman told WWD the ad was "racy" but not explicit. Well, at least they didn't delegate her ad to be shown only after midnight with the rest of those corny sex hotline ads, right!?
As you know, I'm not really a fan of this scent (still holding out hope that her next one Heat Rush, which launches February 2011, will be better!) but I can't say that the TV ad is any worse than what she's put out before in music videos; or even what other pop stars put out in music videos and ads (hello Lindsay Lohan!). I think the ad is pretty fierce (love that walk at the end...POW! Get it, Bey!)

What do you think, Glamazons? Is the ASA being too hard with this ruling? Or do you agree with the ruling?


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