Christian Louboutin Sample Sale: A Day in the Life

I've sacrificed a lot for fashion this week. Like my Twitter bio reads, I'm a Fashion addict and sometimes that gets me in trouble. This week, however, it hit an all-time high. Let me start at the beginning.

I should be arrested for the way I stalked the Christian Louboutin PR girl for an 'in' at the super elite sample sale this year. I go every year, of course, but this year, I was especially in need of a pick-me-up as work has been more stressful than ever.

Enter Blake Lively.

I was less than thrilled to learn as I waited in line for three hours (where women who weren't on the list were shooed away like pigeons in Central Park) that Blake bought an entire rack's worth of shoes the day before (that's 40 in total by the way). And I bet you she was the same size as me: 7.5. I'm crying now.

Why does a celebrity need to even shop at a sample sale? Somebody, please explain. Especially one that's on the cover of Vogue every other month due to her bestie status with Queen Anna Wintour. Especially one that has a shoe named after her.

Aren't shoes, like, gifted to you, Blake? And aren't you rich? If so, please spare a 7.5 Louboutin for someone with an editor-in-the-middle-of-a-recession income? Sigh.

Still all that didn't stop me from waiting on line in Midtown from 10AM to 1PM (while women on the street came by and whispered they "would pay money to be [my] plus-one") until I finally got checked off the list and let inside.

People were begging to get inside saying they know so-and-so who knows the PR rep...one girl even tried to sneak on the elevator and got pulled out by security! Um, wow. Upstairs, there was a sane and organized display of shoe racks labeled with European sizes "37, 38" etc.

From experience, I know I have to go up a size in Christian Louboutin in order for my toes not to bleed at the end of a club night like Kim Kardashian's. I looked through every box in the 37, 38 and 39 sections and walked away with a pair of gold sandals I can wear regularly and a pair of white lace sandals for summer outings that were my little treat.

Check them out below:

I was happy with my purchases, and am generally very blessed that I can feed my addiction for Christian Louboutins at an affordable, bi-annual sample sale. But I will say, there totally needs to be a better selection in 7.5, or I need to come earlier in the week (with the really important people, i.e. Blake Lively). The Christian Louboutin Madame Butterfly Sandals or Christian Louboutin Toggle Boots were nowhere to be found.

My good friend who is a size 10 walked away with these babies---coveted sequined pumps perfect for the holiday---as her size had the best selection. Don't you love them?

Me finding a pair of shoes like that at a Christian Louboutin sale? Not likely. But at $100-$300 in price, I am happy to score a pair of sandals, period. Add Dr. Scholl's inserts for comfort, and I will be stepping out in these shoes everyday next summer.

What do you think of my purchases, Glamazons, and the down side of sample sales? Has anyone else had trouble finding their size at sample sales? Any horror stories, or amazing finds, you can share? And what do you think of celebs getting access to sample sales?





Anonymous said...

I loved the post beautiful!

Most would think as a model that I'm invited to tons of sample sales, but On the Contrary that isn't always the case, however as I take the stairs over the elevator I'll patiently wait my turn. I love this post because it is giving many of us an inside look at how these things work, Thank You!

Also, I love both of your purchases. The gold pair is giving me GLAM & the white sandals are giving me a very Dainty & Classy feel!

P.S. I'm a size 10 and would die for the sequined heels you're girlfriend got! UBBER FAB!


Chasity "Klassy Chassy" Saunders

Genevieve S. said...

Celebs should not have access to these sample sales! But at least you got 2 fierce pairs! You'll be bagging them like groceries next year ;-)

TheFabChick said...

You scored two great pairs for summer. I went to the last one and I was begged to be my plus one too. hahahaha... it was funny...

Missy Chrissy said...

Wow, Girl you are my hero! I live in Philadelphia and we never have anything fun like sample sales. Maybe I need to move to NY and start my career in PR. You are living my dream!

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