GLAM OR SHAM?: New Diesel Ads Shot In Brooklyn Law School Library

Ok, wait: before you continue reading, let me warn you that these Diesel ads that you are about to view are pretty raunchy:

But, are you really surprised?!
According to the NYPost, Brooklyn Law School plans to sue Diesel over these ads. Why? Well, you just looked at 'em, right!? The school rented out their library for the fashion brand to do this shoot expecting it to be a "tastefully done" denim ad. Ha! They clearly didn't do their research. I mean, practically everyone in the city knows that the fashion brand is known for pushing the button when it comes to their ads. Students and faculty have voiced their embarrassment, but if you ask me, they should have known better. And this is clearly an underwear shoot because where's the denim!?
What do you think of the ads, Glamazons? Do you give it a GLAM or a SHAM? Also, do you think the school is right to sue the fashion brand? Let's discuss below in the comments section!



Dana said...
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Dana said...

OMG! As a former law student myself, I would be appalled if they did this at my school library. But you're correct in that faculty should have done their research into the brand before allowing them to shoot there.

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