GET THE LOOK! Katy Perry's Flowing Waves At The 2010 American Music Awards

Alright, I know it seems like I've been talking about Katy Perry a lot these days (I'm even wearing her new fragrance Purr right now as I type this) but I assure that I'm totally not a STAN.
I just happen to really like her style plus she's like the cutest girl in America right now. She's totally my girl crush of the moment! (Right before her it was Kim Kardashian, but I'm not feeling the shape that her face is starting to morph into since she keeps getting all of that plastic surgery..ew.)

And, speaking of style, Katy's was right on point at last night's American Music Awards!
I loved the naturally peachy pink look she rocked on the red carpet and those lush lashes were definitely giving me life. However, it's her flowing, wavy locks that give her that pretty-girl-next-door look I so adore.
Lucky for her, she had the amazing Pantene Celebrity Stylist Danilo sculpting her locks. (He's also Gwen Stefani's go-to hair guy..love him!)
According to Danilo, Katy's look last night on the red carpet was "classic Hollywood with a contemporary twist." For the show, she wanted to have "big, voluminous hair," so Danilo said he used products from Pantene's Fine Collection to give her long lasting volume.
Here's Danilo's step-by-step guide on you can get Katy's look:

- “Before doing any hair style, I always encourage my clients to wash and condition their hair—that way I can start with a clean, healthy base. I recommend beginning with the Pantene Pro-V Fine Flat to Volume Shampoo and Conditioning regimen, the customized formula gently cleanses hair to help remove dulling residue and build up while replenishing from root to tip.”

- “Before blow-drying, I applied a light mist of the Pantene Pro-V Fine Heat Protection & Shine Spray to Katy’s hair. This helps to protect hair against heat while providing a soft, healthy-looking finish.”

-“Next, I sprayed each section with the Pantene Pro-V Fine Hair Root Lifter Spray Gel, this provides weightless volume that is full of long lasting body and shine. After her hair was prepped, I blew out the hair, creating volume from the base of the strands.”

-“Using a medium curling iron, I created a spiral glamour set on each section of the hair and sprayed it with the Pantene Pro-V Touchable Volume Hairspray. Then each curl was pinned up and left to cool.“

-“Once I took the curls out, I used a glamour set where I brushed the curls out so the wave pattern revealed itself, opposed to hair being tousled. This gives a glamorous look to the hair. What I love about this look is that the wave is at the bottom, opposed to a retro look were the hair is curled under.”

Shop the Pantene products Danilo used on Katy below!

AND (most importantly) check out her awesome performance from last night!


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