GLAM OR SHAM?: Willow Smith at the 2010 American Music Awards

Confession: I am the biggest Willow Smith fan. After dressing up like her for Halloween, my adoration has only flourished from her W Magazine article (where she says, and I quote, "I can't do whatever I want. Mommy has to say it's okay." Squeal!) to her introduction of Justin Bieber's performance last night at the American Music Awards.

Speaking of which, while some of her outfits (like head-to-toe leopard print and biker boots) can overwhelm, last night she impressed me in a tasteful yet adventurous look. She wore a romper which was fun and age-appropriate with a statement-making yellow sleeve complete with poufy shoulders and buckles.

Love the bright yellow pop of color against the gray and the rocker-chic detail of the sleeve. And she kept the hair sleek with a pompadour and ponytail. Bravo, Willow! My only gripe? Lose the slouchy boots.

What did you guys think? Was she GLAM or a burning SHAM?



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