GLAM OR SHAM?: Khloe Kardasian and Lamar Odom Launch Unisex Fragrance [Commercial]

There's a new addition to the Kardashian family's tidal wave of business-savvy beauty ventures: Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom are launching a new fragrance called Unbreakable by Khloe and Lamar.The juice is the first-ever unisex celebrity fragrance. (So you and your boo could share bottle.)
Ferocia first heard about the scent in August at a Casio event where Lamar, the face of the G-Shock GX56 timepiece, first mentioned the fragrance.
Khloe announced the deets on her official Web site saying : “This project has been in the works for months now and we were involved every step of the way to make sure the fragrance was a true fusion of ourselves and our personalities. We’ve both been wearing it every day since its completion and I can’t stop smelling myself LOL. People literally stop me and ask what I’m wearing and the fact that I can say my own fragrance blows my mind!”
The optimist in me says “Aww how cute is that?” But the skeptic in me says “Another celebrity fragrance?! When will the madness stop?” Either way it's uber exciting to see the pivotal role that the beauty industry has on innovation and branding within pop culture.
There’s a fine line between genuine appreciation for creating a fragrance that you put your blood, sweat and tears into (maybe not literally like our girl  Gaga but you know what I mean) and just having your name plastered on the packaging for publicity. 

Now, I’m not saying that these are Khloe and Lamar’s intentions---especially because Khloe said they were very hands-on with the creative process of the fragrance.

The scent will be available on February 12 exclusively at Perfumania. Khloe and Lamar will host a meet and greet at the Perfumania store in the Florida Mall. So, if you're in the Orlando area you should stop by.

Khloe's my favorite Kardashian and I like her and Lamar as a couple, so I'm looking forward to sampling the scent. 

Are you feeling the whole tag-team collaboration between husband and wife? Will this fragrance be on your Valentine's Day gift list? Talk to me Glamazons! 

Oh and check out the commercial for the fragrance...umm, I'm at a loss for words with this one so I'll let you critique: Glam or Silly Sham?

Ciao Bellas,

Glamazon Margo 


Deshair said...

Very couple-like... but with these two on the cover making it. The first picture of Khloe looks like the express of her taking it from the back. They think they slick :-D

Portia said...

I don't understand it. I love fragrances, but I just don't get these two. They're either insanely in love or really good actors. I can't knock it until I smell the fragrance I guess. But at first glance, it's a silly sham.

eula_w said...

This fragrance fit for lovers. I think I we need this with my boyfriend. :)

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