MAGAZINE GLAM OR SHAM?: Zoe Saldana's Glamour vs. ESSENCE Cover

Our favorite Pandora native, and Avon spokesperson, nailed the cover of two April magazines: ESSENCE Magazine and Glamour magazine.

While her Oscar gown was a despicable Fashion fail, Zoe looks radiant and ravishing on the cover of Glamour in a printed pink minidress. The cover is soft, feminine, adorable and sexy at the same time.

Zoe goes for a more casual look on the cover of ESSENCE with a gold tank top, a pair of high-rise denim jeans and a flower necklace. I love the idea of a celebrity in jeans on the cover, and am thrilled to see a fresh face on the cover of ESSENCE!

The similarities? Beautiful, flowing hair. Fresh-faced, soft makeup. And in both interviews, Zoe dishes about her love of...sex. (Too much fun under the tree of Souls I guess...you totally have to see Avatar to get that joke).

But which Zoe cover do you love the most? Tell us which one is GLAM and which one is a SHAM.




K.D.@HairGurl said...

Zoe Saldana is quickly becoming the new "it" girl! She's so cute and I love both of the covers of her. :-)

"Making Black Hair Cool Since 2008"

Anonymous said...

So excited when I heard that Zoe would be gracing Essence and so disappointed when I saw the cover. *thumbs down* Glamour and Latina got better shots.

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