Pantene Gets New Packaging

One of our fave classic drugstore brands, Pantene, will feature new packaging and formulas beginning in May 2010. According to a recent article on wwd.com, the revamped line will target four hair types: medium-thick, fine, color-treated and curly. New formulations will further help to target these hair types.
The new Pantene architectures include Fine Hair Solutions, which offers three versions: Flat to Volume, Dry to Moisturized and Fragile to Strong. For medium-thick hair, there’s Medium-Thick Hair Solutions in four versions: Frizzy to Smooth, Breakage to Strength, Dry to Moisturized and Flat to Volume. For curly hair, there’s a Curly Hair Series in two versions: Curls to Straight and Dry to Moisturized. For color-treated hair, there’s Color Hair Solutions in six versions: Color Preserve Shine, Volume, Smooth, Blonde Expressions, Highlighting Expressions and Brunette Expressions.
What do you think of the new, colorful packaging? We love it and were pleased to hear that prices will still remain the same for the items. Can't wait to get our hands on 'em!


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