A Day In The Life: Caress Girls' Night Out At The Boom Boom Room

Hey Glamazons! Hope that all of you had a "glam"azingly fantastic weekend. Me, I worked. All weekend long. Ugh. You know, I can't even begin to emphasize to you how hard life is in New York when you're trying to make it on your own. There are some days when you just want to throw in the towel and go back home, but then you get to do things like what I'm about to tell you all about and it makes life here a little bit better. (Yes, that's me above..holding a champagne glass in a limo..love!)
After working a particularly grueling shift at the store (yeah, I'm back in retail again..more on that later) I left to meet up with my beauty blogging amiga Amber Katz. She's the brains behind the amazing blog Beauty Blogging Junkie and was invited to spend a night out on the town with her girls courtesy of Caress!
This wasn't just any night out on the town, Glamazons. I mean, Caress hooked us up with a limo ride and a pre-arranged bar tab. SWEET! The night began at the BBJ Headquarters where we got all dolled up for the evening. Check out the video that we made here:

Lipstick for the night? MAC's Ruffian Red..my all-time fave go-to shade of red. (Amber was even wearing it by the end of the night. Not because we made out or anything but more because she loved the shade of red, too hahaha)

Afterwards, we jumped in the limo and then headed over to The Standard Hotel for drinks at The Boom Boom Room. Now, let me tell you Glamazons, this is no ordinary bar. In fact, it's super exclusive so you have to make reservations to get in. However, once there it's like you've been transported to another world! It's features lush carpeting, a live jazz band and views of the city that are out of this world (here's a pic I took at the window while there!)

The first time I visited this place was right after the Ferragamo fragrance party a couple of months ago. I partied the night away with some really rich people and ended up in the elevator with Beyonce, Jay-Z and their bodyguard. (Yes, I'm not lying. I was shared a small space with one of the richest couples in the world. The whole time I was praying that the elevator would somehow get stuck, but it didn't. Sigh.)
However, this time around, I was the VIP guest. (Woo hoo!) Besides myself and Amber other members of the party included Tamar from Fashion Binge ; Dina of Eye4Style and Anne of The Jet Set Girls.

Amber, Tamar, Dina....
and the gorge Anne!

There's not much else to say about the night except that I enjoyed myself immensely drinking way much more than I planned to. (I'm a serious sucker for Moet!)

Ferocia and Glambr (side note: I'm not really naked, just wearing a strapless dress and showing lotsa skin..because it IS a Caress-sponsored Girls' Night Out hahaha)

Now if only I could have nights like these all of the time!


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