Music Glam or Sham: Willow Smith's New Song "Whip My Hair"

Are the Smiths the new Jacksons?

Jada Pinkett-Smith leads a rock band, Wicked Wisdom and stars in TNT's HawthoRNe. Jaden Smith was the "Karate Kid" and recorded a duet with pop phenom, Justin Bieber. Will Smith is highest-paid actor in Hollywood and had a successful rap career. And now Willow Smith is not only a budding fashion icon, but a rapper and singer.

Her new song, which is sure to be a hit among teeny boppers, is called "Whip My Hair." A little grown for a nine-and-a-half-year-old some say, but honestly---I found myself dancing to it. It's a cross between Lil' Mama and Keri Hilson.

Tell me what you think of her new tune: is it too grown? not bad? your new favorite song?

Discuss: is it Glam or Sham?




Deshair Foskey said...

I thought it was cool, grown, but who am I telling; if Jada and Will says this was cool, I'm fine with it. Can't wait for her Chuck E. Cheese tour :)

Nikeayoung said...

This is a GREAT song for the runway! But, yes, it's too much for a 9 year old to be doing:-)!. It's a clean, dance song and she has a GREAT voice (sounds better than Rihanna to me). However, she should just be a kid and continue acting and launch her singing career when she's at LEAST a teen!

Jamie @ruralglamour said...

I cant sham other folks kids...lol

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