Glam or a Sham: Rihanna's GQ Cover

Hey Glamazons!

Rihanna's racy reign continues with her latest magazine cover and spread in January's GQ to promote her amazing new album Rated R. In a pair of leather hot pants, a bodysuit with a deep V and a suggestively cropped white sweater, Rihanna serves up lots of edge and sex-soaked attitude for the cameras.

Though I've blogged about how Rihanna's skimpy outfits can be seen as over-the-top, the GQ cover may be a different story. Hear me out. It's a Men's magazine, widely recognized for it's sexy covers---one of which featured Jennifer Aniston in a tie...and nothing else.

Still, I'm sure an onslaught of criticism awaits Rihanna for her new, provocative spread.

What do you think, Glamazons? Glam or a Sham?




Kim @ Black Style Central said...

I love Rihanna, but I wish she would put on clothes. I understand that as a 21 year old woman she wants to show the world that she is in charge of her own sexuality, but the fact that she works so hard to be provocative indicates to me that she has some serious insecurities.

Elaine said...

def GLAM! i can diggit. she is fearless and unapologetically hot. to me she isn't giving off "trying hard." sexy is part of her essence. honestly, i see ART in these photos, not raunch.

flashbulb100w said...


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