Leotards, Leggings, Catsuits - Sexy or Slutty?

Hey Glamazons!

When I first came up with the idea to write on this topic, the celebrity in question was Kanye West's blond bombshell girlfriend, Amber Rose, who wears spandex jumpsuits and leggings like it's her uniform. Since then, Beyonce's risque new video "Video Phone Remix," and Rihanna's topless shots for her new album have made Amber's catsuit look more like a business suit.

Though artists like Jennifer Lopez and Janet Jackson have always pushed the envelope with provocative fashions, it seems now more than ever, today's pop stars are embracing the raunchier side of sexy.

Rihanna seems to have an aversion to tops in the promotional pictures for her latest record, fittingly titled "Rated R."

And from her breast jiggling to her bent-over booty roll, Beyonce's moves make the Video Phone vid a racy display of unabashed, in-your-face sexiness.

Critics and fans alike worry about what message this sends to impressionable, younger viewers (including the Duchess of Cornwall who recently criticized the "Video Phone," video.) Though Rihanna and Beyonce are mature, adult women who can dress however they please, a large percentage of their fanbase is not. And both stars have publicly acknowledged that these young fans consider them role models. If there is a new onslaught of topless Rihanna-inspired Myspace pics or bent-over Beyonce-esque moves at teenage birthday parties, can we really be surprised?

The same can be said about today's fashions. As trend-setting stars flaunt sexier images, catsuits, spandex leggings and leotards with thigh-high boots are becoming staples in popular stores. Have celebrities like Amber Rose, Beyonce and Rihanna made us immune to sex or are we just all so free and comfortable in our skin that we want to celebrate it in our clothing choices?

Personally, I'm on the fence about this issue. I love being a woman. I think curves are absolutely beautiful, and accentuating them is every woman's privilege and right. I love working hard at the gym and showing off my toned abs at the beach or in my Halloween costume---and want to be able to do so without feeling judged. That's why I've always commended women that don't allow societal pressures to control their sexuality.

At the same time, how sexy is too sexy? As much as I embrace sexiness, I have found the sight of some women in catsuits at the club, or in a leotard and thigh-high heels, off-putting to say the least. There has to be a line somewhere but where do you draw it?

What's your opinion? Do you think Rihanna and Beyonce's recent works are too sexy? Do you think it impacts fans or do they view it as entertainment without being influenced?

Do you agree there is a line between revealing and racy? How would you define your own style of dress in those terms?

Do you wear any of the styles above (catsuits, leggings, leotards, etc.)? Do you think they are "too sexy"? If so, how do you tone it down?

Do you think women should have to tone it down or should have the freedom to dress however they want without judgment?





Chantal B. said...

Honestly, I believe that Beyonce and Rihanna and other ladies such as Amber Rose and other celebs have an "image" and have to be SEXY. So now guys look at women and say wow she's showing her body and she's BEAUTIFUL for that.. And women find that as inspiration like yo I want to look as sexy as Beyonce, let me go work it out OR let me be PROUD of what I have.. It doesn't matter what size women are, if they are comfortable, they wear it.. And also I rather see these female celebs with a suit that accentuate their body as oppose to them being on their beach topless or JUST even with a bikini thong in their video such as Jay-Z's Big Pimpin video. At least they have clothes.

I think it's mainly the PARENTS fault if they ALLOW for their little 14 year old daughter go out with a CATSUIT.. Just because Mommy does it and Beyonce does it, it's not appropriate at YOUR age..

I wear leggings BUT my thing is, I would ALWAYS wear a long t-shirt to cover my buttocks. I don't want ppl looking at my butt but that's me.

I think women should have the right to wear WHATEVER but I think also they have to worry about society and mainly about how COMFORTABLE are you if a guy starts making a comment. It's not RIGHT HOWEVER it's our world..

Nika said...

unless you are performing these catsuits are a no go. Leggings are cool with tunics, I actually like that look. The full body catsuits remind me of a particular hallway excerpt from The Coldest Winter ever. If you read the book, you'll know what I'm taking about.

Glamour Diaries said...

Leggings and tights are very chic with a longer shirt or sweat and some boots. But that's the extent I'll go with the stretchy stuff.

Elle Are Sea said...

And what in the WORLD is Kelly Rowland rocking in that pic? The only thing that comes to mind is the advertisement from "Coming to America": "Just let your souuuul glowww!" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ktl6L3ZwvL4&feature=related

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