Diddy to Make his HSN Debut

Hey Glamazons!

Next Monday, the one-and-only Diddy is moving his platform from hit records to home shoppers. The newly 40-year old mogul, who has become a staple on VH1 and MTV, will make his debut on HSN on November 30th at 11am. He will be the first 'big name' ever to sell a fragrance on the increasingly popular shopping channel.

A bit risky, but if anyone can sell an audience a product they can't test for themselves, it's Diddy (we credit his Harlem roots!). He will promote his fragrances, Unforgivable and I Am King (which both smell great in my opinion) in an interview which, HSN CEO, Mindy Grossman, jokingly calls "Behind the Fragrance."

Glamazons, are you shocked by the collaboration?

I'm not. With the staggering sales celebrities like Serena Williams and Iman have enjoyed recently on HSN, it was only a matter of time before Diddy utilized the channel's promotional power.

Do you think he'll be successful at selling fragrances on TV?

I think viewers will love his signature charm and charisma and will put their dollars toward it. Diddy's always been better at selling products than artists, as evidenced by his recent troubles with Day 26, the latest act to split from Bad Boy.

Will you be tuning in on November 30th?



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