Glam or a Sham: Lady Gaga and Beyonce's Video Phone Remix

Hey Glamazons!!

The internet is abuzz with praise and criticism for the latest video from pop Queen, Beyonce, featuring the incredible Lady Gaga. While we're still partial to Lady Gaga's amazing Bad Romance vid, we adore Beyonce's outfit changes, the dance sequence and both ladies' phenomenal physiques. Hubba Hubba, indeed.

Still, there's been a lot of flack about the video, which only leaked yesterday night. Among the many complaints, here were a few that stood out:

-Lady Gaga isn't "herself," in the video but a white version of Beyonce. With one line, one outfit and one scene, why is she even there?

-Beyonce's in-your-face, sex-soaked moves are plain trashy, cheap and reminiscent of "Check on It." (Someone even said: Strippers should sue for copyright infringement). Even more say it's irresponsible to her younger fans.

-Beyonce swagger jacked Rihanna's edgy/dominatrix look.

Hmm...do you agree or disagree with the points above? Check the video out below and give us your verdict. Glam or a Sham?


Chantal B. said...

I like the video.. I did say why isn't Gaga in the video but then I realized, THIS IS THE REMIX.. The SAME way Kanye wasn't in the Ego Remix as much -- it's a REMIX..

The video reminded me of the video with her and Shakira.. Gaga looked A MESS.. A little too tranny-ish for ME...

However, the video was AMAZING. Beyonce is THAT WOMAN.. She's AMAZING like RIDICULOUSLY AMAZING.. And I love how she mocked a pin up girl from the past and Beyonce is A DIVA.

Mischo Beauty said...

I didn't like the video. We all know that B can hold her own and Gaga didn't add anything to it- actually I think B held back because of her... just my 2 cents...LOL ;)

Anonymous said...

it just doesn't work and gaga should not be shown from a profile shot. the director was not doing her no favors. in fact did matthew knowles direct this cause the bias is just too obvious lol.

Beautylicious said...

I liked the artistic concept of the video overrall. Now on to Bey- She was a straight up stripper in this video, there were no fun kitchy moves like she's known for. It was straight smearing hot sex on my face.
I disagree with the above comments of Lady Gaga looking bad, I thought she looked great, but not herself. Its far from her usual crazy get ups. The video is callled Video Phone, perfect opportunity for Gaga to donne a video phone dress, or an actual video camera connected to her head. I dont' know...I liked the video overrall.

La:Dolce:Vita said...

I agree with all of the above. I liked them both but I expected more incorporation of Gaga's crazy style. And isn't the song called video phone but the whole video lacked any? I'm confused on that one. The ass poppin was a bit much for me, Beyonce I thought we were off that.

Margo said...

OK. I love Bey...I really do. As an adult, I conceptually like the video and I think she looks FAB and so does Lady Gaga...BUT there was just one gyration too many in the video for me. It didn't make me feel sick in the pit of my belly like a Ciara video, but she was dancing very suggestively. I must point out that this is a suggestive song, though.

Alana said...

As much as I LOVE Beyonce this video kinda pained me a little bit because it did seem like she was trying to compete with her younger, "edgier" counterpart (Rihanna). The collabo seemed a bit contrived-- Gaga's verse isn't really incorporated into the rest of the song and something about her in the video seems wrong. She does seem to be kind of a Bey clone, and her Gaga-ness is significantly toned down which makes you wonder why she was included in the first place. You can tell Beyonce was trying to be cool and that the collaboration didn't happen organically...but maybe I'm putting wayyy too much on it. It's okay. I've already admitted to myself that I'm a stan.

yummy411 said...

people are so pressed to be critics. some things should be challenged, but sheesh! pick some battles... or is that my beyonce bias calling? lol

however, i'm ready for beyonce to stop drawing attention to her butt and act like she has a ring on it. in one of her last videos she drops it low in some funky choreography...hmmm. it doesn't mean she has to lose her sex appeal or her style, but she does have to be careful of her market. bey could teach rihanna a thing or two. the colorful toy guns get a B- from me.

otherwise the vid gets a thumbs up. i love that lady gaga can hang with the likes of beyonce!

Anya P said...

Ok…so Bey has done another wack cheap-looking video like that ‘Check on it’. This was just painful to watch and so unclassy.

1. With those high-waisted short-shorts, her ass looks like she’s wearing a diaper. Bey needs to stop booty-popping. Isn’t she going on 30 y.o. She’s too OLD for that rubbish.

2. Bey is definitely over-doing it in that side profile dance scene with lady gaga. Tryna outshine the poor girl.

3. Lady Gaga looks straight-up TRANNY with that bad hair & forced sexiness. We liked you weird, so stay that way. Don’t let Bey corrrupt you with her sexuality.

4. Everyone’s saying that Bey has swagger-jacked Rihanna. That is so far-fetched. The most obvious SWAGGA JACKING that was done here is in that final scene with Bey on the motorbike - that was all CIARA!!! The ponytail, the whole scene was CICI. word.

Pumps and Gloss said...

When Rihanna first came out, she reminded of Beyonce (uhm not the voice of course), then she got a new style team and bit off Fefe Dobson's look. I guess all is fair in stealing style and art.

I do love the killer smoky eye (not original), but well done!! @Yummy411 You are so right about Lady Gaga! Nice to see that she didnt look out of place.

Overall, I did not like the vid nor song, just the makeup looks!

Anonymous said...

I'm not a fan. I like Bey, but she crossed the line between sluttiness and sexiness in this video. Imma need her to find some pants for the next one. I think Lady Gaga is usually weird but original. That's her thing. Here she looks like she's trying too hard to be sexy and it's not working. Nice try, ladies...but FAIL.

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