Would you wear...A Fanny Pack?

Hey Glamazons!

There are a few phenomenons in fashion that will always be controversial. The fanny-pack, belt bag, hip-sack or man bag is one of them.

Admittedly, I did wear a Louis Vuitton fanny pack way back in my high-school, logo-friendly days. NOT a complete fashion faux paux, but I, seriously, wouldn't be caught dead in that get-up again. However, as of late, I've seen celebrities, including Rihanna, rocking the fanny pack like it's a studded Rebecca Minkoff bag. And it appeared on the runways in the Louis Vuitton show in a sleek, sexy leather style that was tres chic.

Traditionally, fanny packs have been regarded as the opposite. They are usually associated with the tourist who is simultaneously juggling her camera, passport and map while annoyingly asking for directions and buying silly souvenirs she's never going to use. As the very nature of sightseeing calls for casualwear, she is far from fashionable.

By pairing her fanny pack with a fab H&M knitted dress, worker boots and shades, Rihanna has turned this stereotype on it's head...or has she? And nothing was sexier than Carrie from SATC's fanny pack with her cropped top and fitted skirt.

What's your verdict, Glamazons? Are fanny packs back...and fashion-forward for the first time since the 80's? Or should we leave that style to the tourists? Would you wear them?



1 comment:

Anonymous said...

there's nothing sexy about a fanny pack. what's so important that it needs to be strapped onto you body in such an unflattering way? just get a purse.

unless you're a tube sock and sandal wearing tourist, let it go.

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