To Makeup or Not To Makeup.....

As I sit here at a cafe typing away sans makeup, I started to look around at all the other women around me reading or on their laptops and noticed that they were wearing makeup as well.

(Ok, sidenote: my idea of no makeup means that I've foregone the most important things such as eyeliner, eyeshadow, blush and lipcolor for a bare look. This includes only face powder (MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural in Medium Plus) mascara (today it's Make Up Forever Smoky Lash Extra Black Mascara) and a bit of lip balm (today it's the new Christian Dior Creme de Rose Smoothing Plumping Lip Balm). The only time I really wear no makeup is when I'm asleep.)

Living in NY, you never know who you might see (I saw Robert DeNiro in Tribeca the other night!) so you must always look your best. Whether you want to be a model or snag a job working at a magazine, your looks can take you a long way in the Big Apple.

All of this makes me wonder: How much makeup do women really wear on a daily basis ?

We all know about celebrities and how they wear makeup everywhere; from hitting the grocery store to a stroll around the block. However, there are some that forego it unless they're working on a set somewhere. (One of the most popular ways to see a celebrity without makeup is in the yearly People magazine's Most Beautiful People issue in which they do photoshoots with some celebs sans makeup.)

Singer Mariah Carey (pictured above) played a social worker in the movie 'Precious' wearing no makeup as well. (Which, I must say, was rather shocking to see considering that she's the queen of freshly coiffed hair and a perfectly made up face.) However, as shocking as it was to see her in that manner, it was also kind of refreshing. In the world of photoshopped and spanxed celebrities, it's nice to see a female celeb showcase her true self for the world to see.

Being that I have worked in the beauty sector of the magazine industry, I have enough makeup in my collection to doll up women in a third world country. (And I give it away and still have tons left...not that I'm complaining about it, but just wanted to give you an example haha)

Because I have so much of it, I feel like I NEED to wear it...and I have fun trying new looks.

(Sidenote: the Urban Decay Book of Shadows Volume II seriously rocks my world! I can create a million and one looks with it!)

And if I don't wear any makeup, I feel naked! Plus, I look so much hotter with it on than without!

Tell us ladies, how much makeup do you wear on a daily basis? If you don't wear it, do you feel naked as well? And (to the men), do you ever even notice when a woman isn't wearing makeup?!



style, substance & sutton said...

This is a question asked by millions, and daily.

Myself ran into this very issue last night. Home for the upcoming holiday I was enjoying a night in with my family, but when dressing casual for dinner I felt odd without makeup, even in my own house....!

I questioned if I was crazy about small imperfections, or if we have really become dependant on creams, liners, and tints.

I think that women need to master multiple looks, easy clean for coffee and early morning errands (or casually dinning in with your family), as well as the polished and glam techniques.

My soulution ended up being a quick swipe of tinted lotion, bold brows, glossed lip, and lightly coated lashes. Total time 3 min.

You dont have to take forever to look put together, and tons of makeup isnt required either. Just now how to apply and accomplish a look that will make you feel 100% better, and help you look presentable for others around you.


UniquelyFat said...

Daily I wear some sort of neutral lip gloss. I really put makeup on for going out, but I dont feel naked without it at all.

Celebrating Your Plus!

BigCNYC said...

I generally wear no makeup, but lately the circles under my eyes make me look like a sad dog. I know the only solution to dark circles is make up, so to brighten my face I'll wear MAC concealer, mascara, blush (just for color) and lip gloss.

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