FIRST LOOK! Sex and the City 2 Movie Trailer


Cheers to the return of our favorite girls!

The Sex and the City trailer hit the internet today and so far, I am thrilled with the fashions I see---Dior, turbans, gold-mirrored shades, a tux and Carrie's 80's crimped hair---and did I mention the trailer plays Jay-Z and Alicia Keys' chart-topping New York City anthem, "Empire State of Mind," in the background? It doesn't get much more fabulous than that.

Oh wait, it does. Riding a camel in runway-worthy fashions takes fabulous to a new level (I rode a camel this summer in wedge heels as the Moroccan natives laughed in the background - glad to see the SATC girls know the importance of a "desert chic" outfit no matter the occasion! Haha).

No real plot revelations yet except that the girls travel to the Middle East, Carrie's still head over heels for BIG, Miranda and Charlotte are both busy making a home for their families and Samantha encounters a new, disarmingly handsome plaything. Also, looks like a gay couple gets married!! Stamford, is that you?

I can't wait to see what twists and turns await us in the new film, which rumors to touch on financial troubles (which I'm happy about because it makes the girls' lives more realistic and less frivolous) and of course, drama in their love lives (BIG better not act up this time around!).

So ladies, slide into your Carrie-inspired Manolos and check out the trailer below. The film will be released on May 28th.

What do you think?



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