Glam or a Sham: Lingerie with a GPS Tracking Device?

Hey Glamazons!

Controlling boyfriends have a new way to keep tabs on you - and no, we're not talking about Twitter. The luxurious 'Find Me if you Can' line from Lindelucy lingerie comes replete with lace, bows, floral flourishes and a small GPS tracking device attached via nydailynews.com.

While the idea seems reminiscent of a chastity belt or a hidden camera, the Lindelucy-lingerie wearer does have some authority. Only people with the password have access to the wearer's location and of course, she can decide who she wants to reveal the secret code to. Also, code or no code, the wearer can turn it off whenever she chooses and just like that, [easy] access denied.

Though the Brazilian manufacturer even argues that the GPS-lingerie "can be used as a safety device," I'm not quite sold. No matter how much agency the wearer has, the idea of a tracking device attached to my undergarments is a little too pre-Feminist movement for me. Since I'm not dating anyone in the Secret Service or working for a Pimp, there's no man who needs to know all of my whereabouts.

What do you think, Glamazons? Is it a sexy, playful thing lovers can have fun with? Or is it a tool men can use to control women that sets us back fifty years? And please note whether you're using the lingerie to track your girlfriend's every move or to play a "sexy" game of Hide & Seek, it will still cost you up to $1,100. Hmm...

Glam or a Sham?



Photos: Lindelucy.com.

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