Would you wear...Lady Gaga-inspired fashions?

I'm serious.

If you've ever wanted to dress in a deranged, theatrical, avante-garde, alien-inspired look like Lady Gaga, you might want to see a therapist. I kid! Now, you have your chance.

The pop star has collaborated with Not Just a Label, to sell the looks she's worn in videos, concerts and press appearances! Yes, everything from her famously odd costumes to her couture-chic eyewear is up for sale.

Go to Not Just a Label to buy the looks (below), which range from the silver Paparazzi Eye Patch to her Bad Romance lace half-hat. And if you don't have the courage to wear her cape on a dinner date, atleast it will make for a show-stopping Halloween costume.

Just kidding! I love what Lady Gaga has done for fashion. I applaud her for having the courage to experiment with style and to flaunt a gloriously unique point of view in her fashion choices. At the same time, though it's entertaining to look at, I would never pay a whopping $975 for a pair of box trousers (that's what the store is calling those gravity-defying, hippy creations below). And even if they were $50, I wouldn't wear them anywhere except, let's say, a Lady Gaga concert.

And for kicks, here are some of her most head-scratching ensembles this year (including what she wore to meet the Queen!). It's like watching a train crash: you know it's disastrous, but you just can't look away!

Turns out a whole cast of designers will create Lady Gaga-inspired looks on the January 6th episode of Bravo's Launch My Line just in case you are in need of some more avante garde fashions.



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