Nicki Minaj's Blonde Camouflage Wig PLUS Her 10 Wildest Wigs of All Time

From a camouflage blonde wig to a pink sloped wig, Nicki Minaj's recent visit to London has brought out the best from her wig collection.

Though nothing tops (pun intended) her sloped pink or blonde camouflage wig, there are so many extravagant wig moments that Nicki has blessed us with over her career.

While Ferocia and I don't usually wear colored wigs outside of Halloween (though with the right outfit you could traipse around in the village with a pink wig and I'm sure no one would blink), we can appreciate a bright, bold wig as an accessory...even if it is sloped.

What did you think of Nicki's blonde camouflage wig? And check out some of the most standout wigs from her collection below:

Which is the craziest best?



1 comment:

Lace Wig Guru said...

I call this art! I am a lace wig designer and adore the creativity. My fav is the camouflage wig!

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