A Day in the Life: Prince Concert!! (Coutura's Purple Crush)

As a rule of thumb living here in New York City, always dress to impress (AND for day to night) because you never know when you're innocently getting ready for work on a Tuesday morning where that night will take you.

A somewhat-seasoned New York party girl, I am well aware of this rule and dressed accordingly. A blazer, black leggings, studded boots and sequins for day (my Jimmy Choo for H&M sequined tunic, that like many pieces, Ferocia and I both own LOL).

And thank the fashion gods I did! After working all day, I hit up the Dark & Lovely event announcing Bria Murphy as their newest spokesperson. Gorgeous purple decor, a presentation, THE celeb sighting (the star of the most comedies EVER, Eddie Murphy), speculation on how mom Nicole Murphy has such a tiny waist and soon, we were ready to go to the next spot.

That's when my gay boyfriend chimed in: "Well, I have tickets to the Prince concert. Let's go there!" My response? "Tickets to the hottest concert of LIFE that my friends have been bragging about for weeks?! Yes, let's!"

Before it could even register that I'd be in the same room as the Purple Yoda, aka His Royal Badness, we were hopping in car service to make our way to Madison Square Garden.

Let's backtrack: I've fantasized about meeting Prince before. In my dream, I'm interviewing him for The Glamazons Blog and it's going unbelievably well (Prince is famous for being, well, the opposite of a media whore) until he stops the interview to say that he thinks I'm beautiful and he wrote Adore with a woman like me in mind. Oh and he's abandoning all those Appolonia types for me. And then, he divulges his skincare secrets!! I know, I know, pretty far-fetched but I had to tell so you get the full span of my obsession.

Anyway, fast-forward to last night, we're at Madison Square and everyone's wearing purple, men are in platform heels and women are wearing tons of sequins. Evidence:

Turns out, Prince incorporated all those fashion moments in his look. The Purple one wore a (obvs) purple sequined turtleneck and yoga pants with lucite wedge heels and perfect hair. People joked he looked like Liza Minelli (disrespect) but what's incredible is that a man in sequins and lucite could be so disarmingly hot. Oh and his stage was the ultimate fashion moment. It was shaped like his trademarked glyph, the Prince symbol.

His performance was pure brilliance: a stew of sex, magic, funk and rock & roll. He gave us over two hours of music and two encores (One of the last encores was an all-out party with Jimmy Fallon, Ed Lewis, AJ (106 and Park), Mos Def and more dancing onstage.)

He performed our song, Adore as well as Purple Rain, Controversy, 1999, If I Was Your Girlfriend, U Got The Look, She's Always In My Hair, Rasberry Beret, Scandalous and so much more. His guitar solos were so passionate, powerful and sensual they had us all mesmerized.

His voice was just as hypnotic from his explosive screams to his soft, savory falsetto. And his moves? He danced and danced, shaking his hips and even jumping on his piano. A star for more than thirty years (!), he hasn't lost a bit of his sex appeal or showmanship.

By his side were young, sexy, energetic backup dancers, The Twinz. They wore jumpsuits adorned with sequins and feathers, then sequined lurex leotards and pompadours and finally, bright hot pants and knee-length boots. Prince also surrounded himself with brilliant magicians as Leighton Meester can attest; she was serenaded by Prince and Maceo Parker on the saxophone. So jealous!

Truly, this was one of the best concerts I've ever been to. I danced, I cried (during Purple Rain), I partied, I sang, I screamed. The Welcome to America tour took me on a musical, sexual, spiritual adventure that I'll never forget. A must-see!

If you've been to one of Prince's concerts, tell me what you loved most about it! And what's your favorite Prince song? We need a Glamazon Purple moment in honor of last night, LOL.




The Pop Bitch said...

google alerts led me here cause im in a group called purple crush lol...


Portia said...

This post is the business!

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