TRY THIS: Ferocia (Finally!) Gets Her Hands On The MAC Wonder Woman Collection!

Since I first heard the first whisperings of a MAC Wonder Woman collection backstage during Fashion Week last year, I've been on pins and needles as to whether it would really come to fruition. I mean, I've only been a fan of Wonder Woman since the age of 3.
Side note: I won't even tell you guys the story about how I once tried to be her and threw myself down the stairs thinking I was actually going to glide. Yeah, to say that didn't end so well is a serious understatement. Geez.
After reading the official announcement in WWD, I squealed with glee, wrote up the news here for you guys to read and waited for that black box of products from the brand to arrive for me to review. Lucky for me (and the rest of the beauty blogging/editorial world) the brand decided to not only send us products, but to hold a special event to give us all of the deets on the collection. Nevermind the fact that it had snowed 8 inches the night before and the streets were a mess, I work up extra early the day of the event and trudged downtown in my silver Hunter rain boots to the amazing MAC pop-up store where all the action was taking place.

I was greeted by super tall models at the door in superhero outfits and Wonder Woman comic books lined the shelves along the walls. There was red, white and blue everywhere and fun, empowering music playing (think Destiny's Child Survivor). MAC makeup artists were on hand to create fun looks using the new products (Romero Jennings took one look at me and immediately put on my new favorite gloss, Secret Identity. Love him!) If some of the products look like they've been injected with extra doses of steroids that's because they have! (I mean, who doesn't want an extra large size of LipGlass or Mineralize Skinfinish powder?!) According to the brand, the products were created larger than life to emphasize Wonder Woman's super hero strength.)

During the presentation, I learned that MAC worked very closely with DC Comics to come up with the names and packaging for the line. Also, regardless of whatever collection they create, MAC always makes sure that the shades are en vogue for the season.

According to Jennifer Balbier, Sr. Vice President of Product Development for MAC Worldwide, the shades in the collection consist of monochromatic blues and greens to stay on trend with the look of Spring 2011. (Gordon Espinet, VP of Global Makeup Artistry, MAC Worldwide shared that one of the big stand out trends for Spring 2011 is a "very early, very fresh '70s look."

"Think a shampoo commercial from 1972, or a Cheryl Tiegs or Farrah Fawcett type of girl. It's a very nude face with products that are used to sculpt, with hints of pop art colors and cool tones," he said. And, of course, that's like the epitome of the beauty look that Wonder Woman rocks.

Instead of models, MAC teamed up with a cartoonist to create a comic. In the story line, Wonder Woman defeats the evil Medusa and saves the women of the world from turning into Plain Janes. She uses the power of makeup to eliminate dullness and make the women of the world beautiful.

Let's fast forward to some of my fave products in the line now, shall we?

Eyeshadow Quad in Defiance - (from l to r)
Defiance: iridescent white pink (veluxe pearl)
Paradise Island: soft warm pink (satin)
Star Studded: mid-tone violet pink (satin)
Real Drama: dark burgundy with pink pearl (satin)
PRICE: $40.00
Eyeshadow Quad in Lady Justice - (from l to r)
Lady Justice: bright silver with white pearl (frost)
Insurmountable: dirty blue grey (veluxe pearl)
Bold Babe: deep metal blue with white pearl (frost)
Deep Truth: true dark blue (frost)

*there's also one more eyeshadow quad not pictured here called Valiant
Valiant: light lime with yellow pearl (frost)
Spinning Transformation: deep olive bronze with yellow pearl (frost)
Diana Undercover: dark forest green (satin)
Manila Paper: pale frost white gold (veluxe pearl)
Opulash Mascara in Victorious (an awesome shade of purple)
*line also includes three other Opulash mascaras not pictured here in Army of Amazons (green); Themyscira (blue); Black (black...obvs!)
$15 each
Reflects Glitter in Reflects Bronze (a sparkling rich gold)
Reflects Glitter in Reflects Pearl (a white glitter with a pearl sheen)
Pigment in Marine Ultra (a vivid marine blue)
Pigment in Bright Fuschia (a super bright magenta)
Penultimate Eye Liner in Rapidblack (a true black)

Mineralize Skinfinish in Golden Lariot (a true coral with fine gold shimmer, soft suntanned bronzer and soft gold with fine shimmer)
Powder Blush in Mighty Aphrodite (a warm peach coral with gold pearl and bright coral pink with gold pearl)

LipGlass (from l to r):
Wonder Woman (a bright red with soft pearl)
Emancipation (pale neutral pink)
Secret Identity (mid-tone copper with soft pearl) *my new fave lipglass!!
Athena's Kiss (bright blue fuschia)
$19.50 each

Here's what the shades look like on my skin! (from top to bottom): Wonder Woman; Athena's Kiss; Secret Identity; and Emancipation

Lipstick in Russian Red (an intense matte bluish-red) *one of my all-time favorite shades from MAC that already exists in the line; isn't the packaging awesome?!
$15.50 each

Here's what the lipstick shades look like on my skin (from top to bottom): Russian Red; Spitfire (satin); Heroine (frost); and Marquise d' (lustre)

There's also other really cool accessories in the collection such as this MAC Wonder Woman Bulletproof Blue Makeup Bag ($30.00). Side note: Not that I really want to jump in front of a bunch of flying bullets with this thing, but I wonder if it really IS bullet proof?!
And don't think for one second that I'm not rocking this gold Wonder Woman Utility Belt at the bar! (It comes with a cute blue set of mini face brushes and retails for $49.50).

The absolute best accessory is this POW! ring we got in our goodie bags at the event. Want to know how you can win it? Here's how:

MAC has teamed up with Foursquare to create a program that debuts 2/8/2011 in seven countries. Wonder Woman will travel the globe in her ultra chic invisible jet and visit select MAC stores to leave gifts for her array of fans. You can keep track of Wonder Woman by visiting MAC's Facebook page via a dedicated Wonder Woman tab. This tab will feature details of the Foursquare program as well as a schedule of participating stores and countries. Upon checking in on Foursquare at one of the participating MAC locations, you'll receive a message on your mobile device that you should present to a MAC makeup artist. In turn, you'll receive a page of limited-edition Wonder Woman stickers. Select stickers will reveal a winner message (only 30 winners per store!) and an exclusive custom-made MAC Wonder Woman POW ring will be sent directly to the winner.

Whew! I know, a lot of info, but sounds like a really cool program, right?! And, um how AMAZING is this collection?! (You know it must be pretty great if I've taken the time to write a book about it hahaha)

The MAC Wonder Woman collection will be available for purchase next month (2/10) at all MAC locations as well as online at maccosmetics.com. BUT if you're just dying to get your hands on it now, you can head over to the first ever MAC Pop-Up store here in New York! The collection will be available for purchase now until February 10. Here's the store location and hours:

MAC Wonder Woman Pop-Up Store
109 Spring St.
New York, NY 10012

Store Hours:
M-W 11 a.m.-7 p.m.
TH-Saturday 11 a.m.-8 p.m.
Sunday Noon-7 p.m.

And there you have it. Another epic collection from MAC! Who else out there can't wait to get their hands on this stuff?!


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