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While normal people hole up in their apartments on snow days and watch movies and do other domesticated things like say cook and clean, I play with makeup. I know, sounds really strange (especially when you see that I store the stuff in my kitchen cabinets, too) but it's really not that crazy of a thing especially when you consider the fact that I've already professed my beauty junkie habits several times before on this blog. Plus, you (as the reader) totally benefit from it in that you get to find out what I think about each of the products.

With that said, let me tell you about a pretty awesome collection that came my way last week: Maybelline's Fit Me! Collection. Side note: It was KIND of amazing that I received these products because I totally wrote about it here last year and I've been itching to get my hands on the stuff ever since! This is the first drugstore brand foundation, powder and concealer that I've found actually melts into my skin just like a prestige brand! There are 18 shades of foundation and powder, 6 shades of concealer, 12 shades of blush and 3 shades of bronzer so there's no way that you won't find the perfect shade for you. Here's a breakdown of each product in the line:

Fit Me! Foundation has a translucent base mixed with lightweight pigments that allow the foundation to give an excellent replication of the shade on the skin. (All of this according to the press release of course.) My take on it? It's super creamy yet very light and is the perfect non-foundation foundation. (You know, so you can create that whole "I'm not really wearing makeup" look.) It contains SPF 18 and retails for $7.99.

Fit Me! Powder is (yep! you guessed it!) also lightweight and blendable and leaves a non-cakey finish. Each of its 18 shades corresponds perfectly with the FIT ME! Foundation. ($7.99)

Fit Me! Concealer also contains the same formulation as the foundation to conceal imperfections without hiding skins natural imperfections. Translation from the press release: this stuff goes on smooth and doesn't do those other weird things that most drug store concealers do like just sit on top of whatever zit or pimple you're trying to conceal. ($6.49)

Fit Me! Blush features a silky, soft texture for easy blending and contains a soft, lasting fade-free natural color. Now, you know that as much as I abhor blush, I've been wearing it a bit more often than usual. So, even though I totally didn't want to put this stuff on, I did and was pleasantly surprised to see that it melded right into my skin without looking clownish. Amaze! ($5.51)

The best part about all of these products is not just how they look on you, but how they look in the stores. The stands in the drugstore contain what's called the "Fit Finder" tool making it super easy to find the right shades for you. Also, they each have numbers on them so if you're a 220 in foundation, then you're also a 220 in powder and concealer.

All of these products are available for purchase now at a drugstore near you, so you should probably go get your own set and test 'em out for yourselves! (Don't worry, you can thank me for the recommendation later.)


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I will be trying this foundation out.

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