BEAUTY NEWS: Lady Gaga's First Scent To Smell Like Blood And Semen

Remember when we told you all about how Lady Gaga had inked a deal with Coty to create her own fragrance? Well, now we've got even more deets!

It has been confirmed that her debut scent will be called Monster and is officially being created in the lab. It seems pretty normal, but you know there’s always an eerie quirkiness to anything that Gaga’s involved with. Brace yourself for these deets-- she wants the scent to smell like semen and blood. No, I’m not kidding! If you’re a fan of smelling like man juice and other bodily fluids, then this is the fragrance for you.

Shock was not my initial reaction to the thought of spraying myself in a scent inspired by bodily fluids, but I must admit that the thought alone made me gag. The shock value was fairly low though, after all, this is Lady Gaga that we’re talking about! If there's ever an envelope to be pushed in society, she’s usually the one doing it. I mean just think about her alter ego Jo Calderone (yes, it’s a man) or her game-changing fashion sense and social impact on the world. Who’s to say that the beauty industry’s excluded?

The scent is scheduled to hit store shelves by Spring 2012 and I’m definitely not-so-eager to test it out.

Glamazons, what’s your take on the perfume? Will you be dousing yourself in this man juice and blood concoction?

Ciao Bellas!

Glamazon Margo

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