Rihanna S&M Video Sneak Peek: Whips, Handcuffs and Plastic! [Pics and Video]

We already filled you in on Rihanna's big red hair which has grown on me, I must admit. The look will make its TV debut in her S&M video, which promises to be as racy, rebellious and risque as the song itself.

P.S. that song happens to be one of my absolute favorites off the Loud album. ::sings:: I might be bad but I'm perfectly good at it!

Aside from clips of Rih rocking that glorious red afro and eating ice cream and another walking someone like a dog through her lawn, we see her strutting around in a white plastic bikini with gloves, a headpiece, knee-length boots and colorful makeup making the press her prisoners.

They're in suits and glasses and tied up against a wall. Sidenote: umm, Rihanna, The Glamazons are press and we don't dress like that!

Rih also has a Playboy bunny moment in a skin-tight white dress, bunny ears, red lips and luscious Jessica Rabbit-esque locks. Love!

This should be the inspiration for plenty of Halloween costumes next year, don't you think? Are you as excited for this video as I am? Which of Rih's looks (ice cream, playboy, plastic) is your fave?

Watch the sneak peek below via Perez Hilton and Rihanna Now:



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bristols6.com said...

Rihanna is wearing awesome Nippies in this video!

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