Fashion Faceoff: Kelly Rowland vs. J-Wow's Revealing Pasties on New Year's Eve

We thought pasties were a thing of the past once Lady Gaga and Rihanna retired them. We couldn't have been more wrong.

Pasties reemerged in a big way on New Year's Eve with Kelly Rowland going full frontal in Vegas and J-Wow of Jersey Shore letting it all hang out in NYC.

We're totally not surprised by J-Wow's indecent exposure but Kelly left us shocked. Sure she's a diva with a huge Queen following as of late, but she was never as risque as say a Jersey Shore cast-member.

Pasties aren't for me (not brave enough, like, at all) but I believe if you bought it, flaunt it so more power to you, Kelly! And though she leaves little to the imagination in this look, her sheer, studded black top and diamond studs almost look classy next to J-Wow's rhinestone necklace and open blazer. Almost.

What do you think about Kelly and J-Wow's New Year's Eve pasties? Who wore it better, or umm less tackier?



Photo: Scott Gries/PictureGroup. David Becker/Getty Images.


The Aspiring Model said...

Im expecting this look from J-wow. Kelly Rowland.... Im not buying it. I can think of classier ways to flaunt your assets.

Melissa of SuperGlamNews said...

I actually really like JWowws look. I think only she could have pulled it off.

Miss G Chic said...

We expect more from Kelly. It was all wrong.

As for J-wow. I actually like it. I think the top is hot if she had taped her jacket closed, and we didn't have to look at her pasties. The idea was there, just not the execution.

Broke Beauty said...

I like Kelly's look. It is very risqué but she has the body to pull it off. Besides that, she’s a celeb. It’s not like she's risking the embarrassment of her coworkers seeing her.

Kelly's look gets the Barbie kiss of approval.

J-Wow... she looks like a stripper, as usual, no surprise here.


Anonymous said...

i totally agree with the writer of the article. when you said that kelly looks classy next to j-wow, that's EXACTLY what i thought! j-wow just looks cheap and stripper-ish with those huge, fake fully inflated beach balls! kelly looks sexy, but not in a cheap way. she's the kind of girl you could take home to mom and j-wow is just a one night stand kind of chick.

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