GLAM OR SHAM?: Rihanna's Curly Red Fro

I know that style is a non-conformist expression of self that is an honest reflection of one’s personality, innovation and grace. Trust me, I totally get it.

But when I saw Rihanna’s latest hair-don’t, I was genuinely dazed and confused. Now, don’t get me wrong, the girl is gorgeous has a banging body to match her beautiful face, and proves herself a regular red carpet favorite with impeccable style.
But, the first thought to come to my mind when I saw this hair was: "Really Rih-Rih? Did you actually wake up this morning, look in the mirror and see that fiery red hot mess on top your head and think to yourself, 'I look good?'"

We were just getting accustomed to the drastic style and color change of her hair that she debuted last year. And I must admit I loved her hair at the VMA's. She rocked a deeper shade of red with pretty ripple curls, but this new do is a no-no.

The Fashion Bomb said she looks like a mix between the Simpson’s Sideshow Bob and Cousin It (I’m chuckling at the accuracy of the comparison. Sad but true.).

Maybe she got a few hair tips from her rumored roomie/gal pal Nicki Minaj, who is known to channel the Bride of Frankenstein with her looks as well.

I think it’s a case of a good idea with a horrible execution. Whether it’s short, long, curly, or straight, I just can’t vibe with the fire engine red hair.

What do you think Glamazons, is Rihanna on the brink of creating a new signature hairstyle, or is she in need of a beauty intervention? Is the red afro GLAM or a SHAM?

Ciao Bellas,
Glamazon Margo


FatshionablyChubby said...

My hair is naturally curly and looks pretty similar to both styles and it can definately be glam Pump up the eyes and it can look really exotic and sexy looking I <3 it the Curly fro is definately hott! (Maybe I'm being bias lol )

bristols6 said...

Rihanna is wearing the awesome nippies from Bristols6 in her S&M video!!

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