Bobbi Brown 'Brightens Up' Her Skincare Line

An ever growing trend among beauty brands? Why brighteners of course! While us silly Americans wile the days away in tanning beds or on beaches trying to get darker (despite the warnings of skin cancer smh), people elsewhere in the world (such as Asia) are busy lightening up; and beauty maven Bobbi Brown has taken notice. She's launched a 5-step skincare regime that "brightens, hydrates, protects" as well as "covers and corrects dark spots and skin discoloration with a double action-treatment makeup corrector," according to a recent post on stylelist.com. The line includes a Brightening Hydrating Lotion, Brightening Intensive Serum, Brightening Moisture Cream, SPF 50 UV Protective Face Base and Brightening Spot Treatment Corrector SPF 25. Products range in price from $35-$95 and available for purchase at BobbiBrown.com as well as major department stores.

*image from stylelist.com via Bobbi Brown Cosmetics

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