A Day in the Life: Zac Posen for Target Editor Shopping Party + Glam Cam Interviews with Sessilee Lopez & June Ambrose

Zac is the new black. That was the phrase du jour at last night's party to celebrate the launch of Zac Posen for Target (the collection will be in stores on April 25th).

The famed New York Hotel on 34th Street was transformed into a swanky oasis with a red carpet, chandeliers, white and red roses and fashion darling, Zac's name in red lights.

The ambiance felt like a dream setting for fashion addicts---and the night truly could have been a dream. By the end of the party, I'd hung out with some of my favorite stylists, June Ambrose and Memsor Kamarake, rubbed shoulders with Zac Posen, model Alek Wek, Selma Blair, Claire Daines, Mena Suvari, Ginnifer Goodwin, Michelle Trachtenberg, Kelly Bensimon, Joe Zee and Olivia Palermo. and chatted on camera with one of my favorite models, Sessilee Lopez. But okay, back to the beginning.

As soon as I walked in, a gentleman in a tux offers to take my picture on the red carpet in front of a lifesize picture of gorg models in Zac for Target dresses. Really? This, Glamazons, was true glamour brought to the everyday girl.

After taking my red carpet photo and enjoying the free champagne, it was finally time to shop! And---one of the reasons why I love these events---I didn't have to come to blows with some aggressive Target shopper to get a dress in my size. (Well, I did have to accost an unsuspecting worker and pull a skirt in my size out of his hands before anyone else got there...but that's as physical as it got!).

Ferocia, Elaine Welteroth from Ebony Magazine and I were like vultures finally getting our hands on the clothes we'd been salivating over for months. I thought the dresses would give me life anew, but I quickly learned the fit wasn't so great on me (read: if you've got curves, you'll have to go up a size). But some pieces, like that amazing trumpet dress fit like a charm.

Check out our pics below (Disclaimer: I'm horrible at taking photos in the mirror a la Myspace. Forgive me!)

I loved the Trumpet dress on! Though I definitely had to go up a size and shimmy in the zipper... 

The black cocktail dress was adorable on Elaine, even June Ambrose thought so!

Ferocia wasn't crazy about the dress, but has her eye on the white Zac Posen tank with Zac written in red lipstick...and we know how much she loves the lipsticks...

I walked away with the zebra print dress Nicky Hilton and Sessilee Lopez wore, and that's probably the only thing we all share in our wardrobe. Plus I scored that ruched black pencil skirt with the amazing fit! And the total money I spent, Glams? Drumroll...$75. Yes, I must've been dreaming.

And now for the party. Some of New York's most fashionable and beautiful people mingled and mixed to the tunes of DJ Kid America and enjoyed performances by The Like. It was hilarical seeing everyone try to avoid getting delicious cupcake icing and champagne on their armful of Zac for Target clothes!

In VIP, the man of the hour, Zac Posen, chopped it up with friends, Alek Wek, Claire Daines, Mena Suvari and Sessilee Lopez to name a few.

Teen Vogue tweeted this pic of Alek Wek chilling in VIP

Here's a blurry pic of Zac Posen chopping it up with Sessilee Lopez

Lopez, a Glamazon favorite, looked stunning in her Zac Posen for Target zebra print dress. I'm a huge fan of hers (she killed the runway at the Arise show among others) so imagine my delight when her amazing PR people granted me an impromptu interview! Fun! On our GlamCam, she dished about why she loves Zac Posen and how much fun she had letting loose on the set for Laquan Smith's Fall 2010 lookbook shoot. Check it out:

I just love models that are smart, fun and not afraid to be themselves! Speaking of fun, we ran into stylist extraordinaire June Ambrose shopping downstairs in all her glamorous, sequined glory!

She chatted with Ferocia on the GlamCam about Zac Posen bringing "haute couture to the masses" and included a wardrobe style tip for Glamazon readers!

Love that June promised she's not a label whore! (I, on the other hand, definitely am. Only for Zac Posen and Christian Louboutin though...and Rachel Roy...and Chanel...okay, I'm a label slore).

We spent the rest of the night catching up with great friends like Christian Law of the popular style blog, Fresher than Chris, Ally of the amazing women's empowerment blog, She Blogs, Simone from The New York Times, Diesel's publicist, Nicole Newsum and Ebony Editor (and Kebero by Kellia Kebero modelElaine Welteroth. 

A blurry pic of me, Simone from The New York Times and Ally from She Blogs

The amazing Christian Law of Fresh Than Chris

All in all, a fab night with even more fabulous clothes! Comment and tell us what you plan to pick up when Zac Posen for Target hits stores April 25th.



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James said...

Looking lovely in those dresses, Coutura. Classy and sexy

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