GLAM OR SHAM?: Lady GaGa in Esquire Magazine

There's nothing else I can say except Lady GaGa is some kind of amazing. Yes, I'm being completely one-sided and have no shame in admitting that I love the crap out of her. Not only because she's Lady GaGa, but because she's a woman on a mission. There's nothing greater to me than seeing someone with a dream, believes in it whole heartedly [despite what the haters may say] and goes after it. Full steam. 100%. I mean, just check out this quote from her in Esquire:

"No one in the world knows who I am, but they are going to want to know who I am. My first time on TV...I'm going to come onstage in my underwear and show the world that here I am and I don't give a f*** what anyone thinks of me."

This was her attitude before she hit it big. Balls to the walls. And with an attitude like this, did anyone think that she wouldn't make it?! She's featured in the May 2010 issue of Esquire magazine ['The Women Issue'] in an article written by Brendan Sullivan who gives us amazing insight into pre-fame Lady GaGa along with never before seen photos of her from the very beginning. Check out the article here and the some of the photos below. Yes, they're super racy, but then again, that's just Lady GaGa.

What do you think, Glamazons? Glam or Sham?

*photos from Esquire.com

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