Bring On The Bling!: My Fave Self Tanner Is Back

No, I'm not talking about jewelry but the atothemazing Scott Barnes' Body Bling.
A cult classic within the Hollywood set, I'm sure that makeup artist Scott Barnes created Body Bling around the time that he began working for Jennifer Lopez. (Because you know he's the originator of that bronzed skin, nude lipped look that I just love!) When I worked at The Magazine, I remember complaining about my pasty pale skin (yes, I'm one of those African Americans on the colorless side of the color spectrum) and my boss recommended that I use Body Bling. Thinking that it was just going to be some kind of chintzy bronzer, I immediately applied it to one of my arms just to test it out and I've been hooked ever since.
And then it seems like the stuff just disappeared!
But now, due to popular demand, it's back and better than ever in two editions: Body Bling Original and Body Bling Platinum ($38 each). Just a little of this stuff goes a long way so it lasts forever and doesn't give you that fake orange look but rather a nice, even glow that illuminates your skin tone. Perfection!


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