Perfect Match: IMAN Cosmetics Launches Luxury Radiance Liquid Makeup

IMAN (the woman) is nothing short of amazing; so it's no surprise that her beauty products would be the same. When I worked at The Magazine, I was always excited to test out anything new from the line and some of them have become permanent staples in my makeup bag.
At a recent blogger event, the lady herself was on hand to introduce the latest and greatest in her signature cosmetics line as well as answer any other questions that us beauty bloggers may have had. "Come on, ask me anything!," she coaxed at one point during one period of silence. I was this close to asking her what it was like being married to David Bowie hahaha. (I've been in love with him since I was a little girl and first viewed 'The Labryinth'.)

One thing that I loved about IMAN was more than the fact that she showed up to promote her own line of cosmetics to a gaggle of bloggers. It was that she seemed to really enjoy being there and was able to answer pretty much anything that you asked her about the line. There's nothing more encouraging than seeing a celebrity that knows about his/her product lines. It shows that they are involved and not just slapping their name on anything without putting in the work. [Case in point Lindsey Lohan and her failed attempts at creating anything, including her inability to actually hold down a job.]

Byron Barnes, IMAN Cosmetics Expert and Creative Director, shows us how blendable the new Radiance Liquid Makeup is on one of the models.

IMAN was quick to point out to that her cosmetics were not intended solely for African American women but for ALL women of color; including Asians and Latinas. All of her foundation shades blend in wonderfully upon application and never look dull and ashy. But, don't take my word for it; try it yourself! Check out her newest product launch:

IMAN Luxury Radiance Liquid Makeup
-Contains minerals along with Acai, Magnolia and Vitamin E to hydrate and enhance skin tone
-Oil-free, weightless, and blends in easily
-Packaging showcases shade of foundation in the bottle so you can easily find your shade match when shopping at the store
Price: $15
Available at select drugstores as well as drugstore.com


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