Cute Shoes + Nail Polish=Aldo

In what seems to be an explosion of well known retailers that have added beauty products to their sales rosters, Aldo will introduce its own line of brightly hued nail polishes; and just in time for the warm summer months to come. Finally! A beauty collaboration that makes sense. Because we can't rock those cute sandals on their shelves without perfectly polished toe nails to match, now can we? The line will launch 14 shades with fun names such as Daisy on a Date (a bright yellow) and Mini Bikini (a melon pink). No word just yet on when they'll launch or price points, but we're sure that (just like their shoes) they'll be super affordable.


1 comment:

Jennie said...

Aldo has been killing it with shoes lately! I bet they will with nail polish too. Great combo.

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