How To Wear: Denim on Denim

Spring has sprung and with it, several new fashion trends have emerged from fabulous fads (military chic, floral) to rule-bending styles (socks with pumps). One of the more controversial trends is head-to-toe denim.

Most people cringe at the thought of a jean suit (think Justin Timberlake's unfortunate denim tuxedo) and rightfully so. 

But the latest denim look is thankfully, far from that. Here's how to get the NEW look:

Rule No. 1: Don't match colors or washes.

The new jean trend mixes distinct styles of denim. Think a chambray shirt with dark dirty denim jeans. Or a faded light denim skirt paired with a crisp white jean blazer.

The colors and washes should be so distinct that it appears as if you're wearing two different fabrics. Here are the celebs who got it right.

Ciara mixes light and dark.

Kanye breaks up the colors and the washes.

David Beckham goes dark with two separate washes. (P.S. he's so sexy!)

Rule No. 2: Break it Up with Accessories.

Grab a brown belt, a studded bag or a pair of wedges or clogs to break up the monotony and bring some energy to the look.

D&G Denim Loving on the Runway

Rule No. 3: If Rule No. 1 and 2 still aren't enough, go for a denim dress. Chic, conservative and still on trend.

The look done right is chic and so right-now. Now that you have the tips, would you rock the Spring denim-on-denim trend? Discuss.



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